This ONE Clip Of Chris Harrison From 18 Years Ago Is The Most Dramatic Thing Ever — VIDEO

Today is a good day, my Bachelor-loving friends, because today is the day I discovered 1997 footage of a young Chris Harrison doing a sports newscast. Let me tell you, it is delightful. Not just because he's a charming, strapping 26-year-old, but because he SOUNDS EXACTLY AS DRAMATIC AS EVER. Seriously, kudos to him for finding his broadcast voice early on because he was able to deliver a sports recap that had me hanging on the edge of my seat just as much as his rose ceremony speeches do now.

I had no idea Harrison started in news journalism or that he used to do sports for Oklahoma's News 9, but, hey, you learn something new every day. And, in this case, I learned that Chris Harrison has always been the best and this just re-affirms how much I want him to be the Bachelor. (No disrespect to Ben Higgins.) But, if he won't be anything other than The Bachelor host, maybe he can at least give some tips to Olivia Caridi, a news anchor from Texas vying for Ben's heart. And, please, let their anchor lessons be shown on TV! Because, if he can do anything like this still, it'll be a joy to watch:

Greg Mullin on YouTube