Is Adam Levine Blonde Again? Because He's All About Changing It Up — PHOTO

Blonde hair, don't care! Adam Levine is blonde again or so it seems. The singer and The Voice coach is all about changing up his look as often as possible. He's not approaching Rihanna levels of change. But for a dude, he loves mixing things up. The former PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive always makes tweaks to his appearance, whether it's shaving his head, bleaching it blonde, going back to black, or accepting his ever-present 5 o'clock shadow.

Oh, and then there's the tattoos that he seems to add with incredible frequency, since they are a crucial part of his rock 'n' roll look.

Levine's wife (and Victoria's Secret model) Behati Prinsloo actually posted a photo of herself and her blonde beloved on a roller coaster. There's Levine on the right, with a shock of blonde hair and his eyes closed on the thrill ride. His platinum locks pop against his scruffy face. That's his thing.

He appears to be blonde again... unless, of course, this is a throwback or flashback snap. But it's not Thursday or Friday, so... we can assume that it's a fresh dye job. Or not.

If this is indeed a "vintage" pic of Levine, well, Prinsloo must love her hubby's blonde follicles. Maybe he will go back to blonde again in the coming year.

Levine is really "enjoying" a roller coaster ride with some supremely blonde strands.

This is classic Levine, with a crop of thick, dark locks and copious stubble. It was taken at the end of The Voice season and he was growing out a shaved head. His blonde roller coaster hair appears to be the same length as it is in this Insta snap, so this could be current.

Hair aside, Levine is also serious about his ink. Just check out the size and the detailing in that back piece.

While he has quite the enviable head of hair, Levine often opts for close-to-the-scalp and shaved. That's when he is at his most boyish.

Nearly bald!

Faux hawkin'.

This was the debut of his blonde ambition. It was longer here than it is in the roller coaster photo.

OK, I am done investigating and pontificating.

There is only one certainty and that's the fact that Levine can totally pull blonde hair off in a mirror selfie, on an amusement park ride, and in real life.

Images: Behati Prinsloo/Instagram (1); Adam Levine/Instagram (5); Adam Levine/Twitter (1)