Gigi Hadid Deserves This Honor

by May Sofi

Our favorite supermodel-of-the-moment has landed yet another accolade to add to her already impressive list of accomplishments. Gigi Hadid won's Model of The Year by reader's choice, but are you really surprised? The model has been dubbed a social media phenomenon and is practically everywhere you turn these days, from our Instagram feeds to the covers of our favorite magazines, so she was the obvious choice for the fan-backed category.

The highly esteemed title, bestowed upon Hadid by, is part of the company's annual list, which ranks all the year's top models. While industry leaders dubbed Anna Ewers, aka Alexander Wang's muse, model of the year, it was Hadid who won the votes of fans like you and I, thanks to her rad social media skills. The model boasts over 10 million followers on Instagram, so clearly her immense social media presence had a lot to do with her win — perhaps it was even the driving force behind it.

There is no denying that 2015 was the year of Hadid. The 20-year-old finally got her angel wings and walked in The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, was officially named a supermodel by Vogue , and even exercised her designer chops with her very own Tommy Hilfiger collection. Pretty impressive, isn't it? I think she owes it all to her insane social media skills — OK, and maybe her modeling had something to do with it too.

While Hadid snagging the reader's choice Model of The Year award was rather predictable, that's not to say she isn't totally deserving of the title. Let's take a look at six times she proved she is the clear winner.

1. When She Took A Stand Against Body-Shaming

This open letter to all body-shamers was an epic step in the direction of body positivity, a cause Hadid seems to be an avid supporter of.

2. When She Showed Support For Children Battling Illness

It's so refreshing to see that Hadid often takes breaks from her busy, jet-setting life to give back to important causes.

3. When She Was Totally Relatable On Instagram

Looks like she is a pizza fanatic, just like us.

4. When She Proved She Goes Unedited

No photoshop here.

5. When She Declared War On Cancer

Once again, using her fame to bring awareness to an important issue.

6. When She Showed Gratitude To Her Fans

Hadid always shows fans that the love is mutual.

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