Tina Fey's Body Hair Stance Is Refreshing, Because Sometimes You Can't Be Bothered

While many celebrities likely abide by a strict hair-removal process on a regular basis, there's one comedian who does things differently. Revealing her beauty secrets to Net-A-Porter's The Edit, Tina Fey revealed her refreshing stance on body hair, admitting she follows a "remove it only when necessary" policy — i.e. not worrying about hair until she has to go into a professional setting. Of course it's never "necessary" to remove body hair if you don't want to, but it's great to hear a relaxed, relatable approach to the subject. Once again providing a refreshing take on beauty standards, Fey is a breath of fresh air.

Let's be real, removing body hair is tedious. Imagine removing all of it on a day-to-day basis because of work related reasons? Even though Fey is an actor in Hollywood, the beauty standards of being hairless and smooth all the time clearly don't apply to her. Some people may cringe at that concept (and seriously, forget them) but I find it very refreshing and relatable. Hearing Fey talk about the subject so nonchalantly makes me want to embrace my body hair for what it is — hairy pits, legs, arms, and all!

“Remove your body hair only when necessary,” Fey told The Edit. “Body hair is a constant annoyance. Mostly I just let it be." Preach! Body hair is natural, and letting it be is the best plan of action for some people.

But you may be asking, why does Fey look so smooth and shaved on red carpets? "Until I have to go into a professional situation," Fey added, "and then I have to shave from head to toe.”

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There's no doubt that most celebrities shave, wax, and pluck on a regular basis to avoid unfair gendered criticism. But there are also some that, like Fey, are more inclined to leave it be. Here are seven other celebrities who are pretty chill about body hair.

1. Madonna

Madonna has always been an advocate for going against society's beauty standards. She flaunted some fuzz under her arms as a beauty statement earlier this year.

2. Miley Cyrus

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She's just being Miley! No hiding or shaving arm pit hair for Cyrus. In fact, she'll even dye it cotton candy colors to remind you she's not afraid to shatter beauty standards.

3. Mo'Nique

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The actor stepped onto the Academy Awards red carpet in 2010 with unshaved legs. People were not very kind about it, but she explained to the NY Daily News that "I tried shaving one time, and it was so uncomfortable and painful. I said never again would I do that to myself." Even though she's picked up shaving since, there's no doubt Mo'Nique is an advocate for an au-natural take on body hair.

4. Jemima Kirke

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The Girls star looked absolutely stunning at the 2015 CFDA red carpet, arm pit hair and all.

5. Cameron Diaz

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Diaz's book The Body Book has a whole chapter dedicated to pubic hair called "In Praise of Pubes." Showing her appreciation for the hair that "surrounds that glorious, delicate flower of yours," as outlined by SHAPE magazine, there's no doubt Diaz leaves her hair untouched and totally natural.

6. Mayim Bialik

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You may recognize this face from The Big Bang Theory, on which Balik stars as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. You also might remember her as a body hair idol, since she has never once shaved her legs or armpits.

7. Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is known for embracing her body in it's all natural state, and she even did so on the cover of Candy Magazine last year.

You go, Gaga!

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