Who Is Christopher Mason? The Guy In Selena Gomez's "Hands To Myself" Video Sounds Pretty Awesome

Don't you love the Internet for the sheer fact that you can find out very important information in an instant? Case in point, I watched Selena Gomez's "Hands To Myself" music video, and needed to know who her love interest (if you can call him that) was played by. Thankfully, his name, Christopher Mason, was listed in the credits. But, who is Christopher Mason, exactly? Well, that's where the whole Internet thing, plus my overt curiosity, comes into play. And it’s to your benefit, you lucky ducks!

As per my fine tuned snooping around, it appears that Mason is a model — which is probably not groundbreaking news considering his impossible good looks and all. But still, I think it’s important information nonetheless. He's regularly employed, people! That's something to write home about these days. Alright, alright, less about the economy and more about Mason, I hear you. The model’s other titles, hobbies, and whatnot may surprise you, far more than the whole extremely-handsome-man-in-a music-video is a model type of deal.

Here are some things I found out about Christopher Mason, courtesy of the vast and unending knowledge of the interwebs, and it’s nearly limitless accessibility.

He's A Father

Per TMZ, Mason has a daughter and he's in a relationship.

He Was Also In A Vintage Demi Lovato Music Video

Demi Lovato on YouTube

As Hollywood Life points out, he starred in Lovato's "Here We Go Again" music video. (Which is an excellent song, by the way.)

He's Hella Adorable

Be still my heart.

He's A Blogger

Well, he's got a Tumblr account at least.

He's A Self-Professed Foodie

And a good one at that, by the looks of it.

He's An Animal Lover

Come on, guys!

I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of this talented, well-rounded guy real soon.

Image: Selena Gomez/Apple Music