Where To Get Your Very Own TIE Fighter

Star Wars: The Force Awakens' big bad, The First Order, is not to be messed with — they have an army of child soldiers and their base is literally called Starkiller. That said, they are pretty cool. It's no wonder, then, that Force Awakens fans are clamoring to get their hands on the First Order TIE Fighter toys. As seen in The Force Awakens, TIE fighters are fighter planes used by the organization — updated from the original TIE fighter design used by the Empire. The spherical ships, with their major weaponry and intimidating, come in two designs: the traditional First Order TIE and the Special Forces TIE, which "boasts weapons far more powerful than the standard TIE", according to the official Star Wars website. Special Forces TIE fighters are also identified by a small red panel — regular TIE fighters are all black. And, unsurprisingly, Disney has made sure there are all kinds of TIE fighter toys available, both Special Forces and standard. If you're hoping to get your hands of them, here's how to buy the Force Awakens TIE Fighter.

Not that you only have one option, though. The TIE fighter is heavily featured in The Force Awakens, playing a crucial role in the battle scenes between the First Order and the Resistance as well as in (spoiler alert) the escape of Finn and Poe at the beginning of the film. Needless to say, there are countless scenarios and fun times to be created with a TIE Fighter toy, and many options are available. Here are the Top TIE Fighter toys and how to get them, ranked by awesomeness.

1. Force Push Role Play Action Set

The Force is strong with this official Disney Store toy set that allows fans to put on a magic glove and move a stormtrooper and a TIE Fighter using the Force (or, in this case, the magnetic force). $39.95 at The Disney Store.

2. The Black Series First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Hasbro's Black Series features a new, unique TIE Fighter toy that can be opened up to fit two, 6-inch TIE pilots inside (pilot action figures are, unfortunately, sold separately). The detail inside the TIE Fighter is pretty extraordinary. The Force is very strong with this toy, but also very pricey. $169.99 at HasbroToyShop.

3. First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Playset by LEGO

LEGO continues to produce totally cool and playable Star Wars toys with this Special Forces TIE Fighter Playset, which includes two shooters, two TIE Fighter pilots that can fit in the TIE Fighter cockpit, one First Order Officer and one First Order Crew, complete with weaponry and helmets. $74.95 at The Disney Store.

4. First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Play Set

The Force is less strong in this Special Forces TIE Fighter Play Set that comes with one action figure that may or may not actually fit inside the TIE Fighter. Still, this is a great toy for anyone who gets overwhelmed by having too many toy parts. $44.95 at The Disney Store.

5. First Order TIE Fighter Die Cast Vehicle

Perfect for all of you who want a TIE Fighter sitting on your desk at work, but don't want to spend a fortune to do it, this TIE Fighter action figure is your standard Star Wars replica. $9.95 at The Disney Store.

6. First Order TIE Fighter Metal Earth Model

Yes, this metal TIE Fighter model looks super cool, but be warned, you also have to put it together, and the Disney Store official website says the instructions are for ages 14 and up, so, if you can't put together IKEA furniture, you might want to think twice on this purchase. $16.95 at The Disney Store.

7. TIE Fighter Bluetooth Speaker

This TIE Fighter Bluetooth Speaker isn't technically a toy, hence its spot on the bottom of the list, but it is really cool. Hook this bad boy up to your phone and you can stream music and take calls using the speaker. $49.99 at ThinkGeek.

Have fun repping the Dark Side with these TIE Fighters! May you be destroyed by the Light Side by the end of the trilogy.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; DisneyStore (5); HasbroToyShop; ThinkGeek