Steal Taylor Swift's Incredible Holiday Beanie

You wanna talk about over-the-top festive — this girl’s already won the game. Taylor Swift wore a light-up beanie while building a snowman because nobody does the holidays quite as well as she does, obviously. I mean, I didn’t even know light-up beanies were a thing, so I’m clearly behind.

It doesn’t really surprise me that Swift is so great at festive feels because if I had to bet on one celebrity that would kill at ugly Christmas sweater contests — it’d definitely be her. But, she’s taken holiday-ready knits to the next level by rocking a beanie (instead of a sweater) that’s full of Christmas joy and whatnot. She’s all bundled up while building a very impressive snowman because she not only knows how to stay cute while staying in the holiday spirit, but she also knows how to stay warm.

If you’re loving T. Swift’s over-the-top holiday headgear, then you’re in luck because I’ve found how you can shop the exact one. The “Rude-Olph” beanie is from Aeropostale. It’s currently sold out on the brand’s website, but it can be purchased from a couple of other online retailers, thankfully. Ring in the holidays in a Swift-approved fashion by getting yourself some light-up outerwear, STAT.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Straight killing the holiday game.

Men's Rude-Olph Light-Up Beanie, $7, Nice Looks

Only Swift could introduce us to something this amazing, you know?

I mean, come on. A light-up beanie? Mind. Blown.

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