Steven Avery Maintains His Innocence

The Netflix documentary Making a Murderer explored the question: "Is Steven Avery guilty of killing Teresa Halbach?" for 10 episodes. Unfortunately, Making a Murderer isn't a primetime drama, so we may never know the true answer of what happened the day Halbach was murdered. We may never learn if Steven Avery is actually guilty of the charges he was convicted of, but to this day, Avery maintains his innocence. The series has brought a lot of attention to the Avery trial, and this could lead to Avery seeking a retrial. (Again. According to the documentary, his appeals had thus far been denied all the way through the system to the Supreme Court.) So, for now, the only people judging the case are the viewers at home.

So, is Steven Avery guilty? To this day, Steven Avery stands by his original statement that he had nothing to do with the death of Teresa Halbach, despite his conviction. The filmmakers of Making a Murderer followed the Avery Family for 10 years, and there were many opportunities for Avery to change his plea. But he hasn't. Over 10 years after the crime, Avery still says he is innocent.

Now, the series' viewers are making their opinions known if they think Steven Avery is guilty or not. Unlike the trials the show follows, the opinion on Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey's guilt is not unanimous. Here's what people are saying regarding Steven Avery's guilt.

Some People Think He Should Be Behind Bars

Some Believe He's Serving Time For A Crime He Didn't Commit (Again)

Some People Have No Idea What Is Going On

Ditto, guys. And, this doesn't even begin to cover my conspiracy theories. But as for the truth of the matter? We may never know.

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