The Adorable Kardashian Card Is A Smart PR Move

Just in time for Christmas Eve eve, the Kardashians released their highly anticipated Christmas card, and it's the cutest surprise possible. The card features only the Kardashian progeny: North West and Penelope, Reign, and Mason Disick look casual, well-dressed, and so freakin' cute I wanna scream. Plus, the caption is "All you need is love." Can't beat that. And I have to give props to the Kardashian family: this is one of the smartest PR moves of the year.

The card, which debuted on Kim Kardashian's website and was of course cross-posted to all of their social media, was revealed to squeals on Wednesday. Here's why it's so savvy. First of all, if anyone is a hater of this adorable portrait, that's gonna look bad on them. Second, releasing a portrait of just the kids really capitalizes on the warm, fuzzy feelings of innocence that are supposed to surround Christmas (which is a holiday about another very famous baby).

Their sweet faces and amazing hair really do make you want to believe, for a minute, that love really IS all you need... even though the Kardashians have an empire that does make love easier.

The card also avoided the questions floating around pre-reveal: would Scott be in the photo? What about Caitlyn Jenner? It's been a shake-up of a year for the Kardashian-Jenners, and featuring just the babes does away with that altogether.

And why shouldn't it? Sure, these children are as close to royal babies as anything else America could have, and anything the Kardashian family does has to service their brand in some way, but that doesn't mean they don't love their sweet kids, and it obviously doesn't mean the kids aren't adorable. Look at their sweet, chubby, extremely-wealthy-without-knowing-it faces. Doesn't everyone want to show off their children when it comes to the holidays?

Fans on Twitter are loving the card, but many are also wondering: where is Saint? Where is Saint West?! We want Saint! Was it a calculated move not to include Saint in the card? Nah, probably not: the Kardashians have a tight schedule, so the photo was likely taken weeks ago, before Saint was born.

But look at that: even a birth date is good PR for the Kardashian family. With all the buzz that baby Saint has already created by merely beginning to exist, his absence from the card is causing more anxiety among fans. They need photos of that baby (I'll admit, I want to see the newest face of the heir to the Kardashian-West throne, too).

One thing is for sure: it's hard to have any hard feelings about the 2015 Kardashian Christmas card, because it is without a doubt, the cutest one yet. All I want for Christmas is the same genius self-branding skills that the Kardashians have.

And North West's wardrobe.