One Shocking Thing About The Kardashian Xmas Card

As the whole world is plenty aware by now, The Kardashian's are a family who love the camera; in fact, they're kind of self marketing geniuses at this stage. So we've spent the past month wondering just where the annual Kardashian Christmas Card was and what exactly it would look like when it was finally released. Well, we finally have an answer and it truly is shocking because there isn't actually a single Kardashian on the Christmas Card this year.

Yup! You read that right. No Kardashians. Just one West and three Disicks.

While the Kardashians haven't completely lost their sense of brand management and just posted up some hapless snowman scene drawn by a bored Christmas card creator, they have instead sacrificed showing a glowing portrait of themselves in favor of the baby clan — and it is beyond adorable.

Showing Kim and Kanye's baby girl, North West as well as Scott and Kourtney's three children, Penelope, Mason and Reign, the Christmas Card is a festive treat, bursting with the personality of the four children along with some high end baby fashion (what else were we expecting?), the portrait also shows astonishing glimpses of their parents personality within their on fleek poses (seriously, North West is showing the perfect combo of Kim cool and Kanye ambivalence).

It's already been a great year for the grandchildren, who have been spotted out and about with their parents and all over Instagram in the sort of spectacular outfits that have poised them as leading fashionistas of the future generation. North West in particular has been seen probably having more fun than any of us alongside big names like Beyonce and Anna Wintour and in outfits I could only dream of getting away with.

I think I'm not totally crazy for saying this, but I might be just a little bit jealous of the Disick and West babies at this moment in time. Happy Christmas, you big crazy family!