15 Kardashian Christmas Throwbacks

Believe it or not, Christmas is only a few days away. With last-minute shopping to do and cookies to bake, it's easy to feel unprepared. Plus, the warmer weather outside may be hampering your holiday spirit. If you're feeling a bit like a Grinch, a vintage clip from the Kardashian-Jenner family may be exactly what you need. On Instagram, Kendall Jenner shared Christmas videos from when she got her first pony. OK, so it's not exactly relatable (the closest gift I ever got to a pony was a My Little Pony action figure), but they're adorable clips nevertheless. Kendall wrote,

it's almost Christmas and I'm just sitting here reminiscing 😌 check out my app to see the whole vid

In the brief clips, Kendall and her family are opening gifts when all of a sudden she's told there's something else outside. She excitedly races out the door and finds a pony in the driveway, as Kim Kardashian snaps pictures. (Some things never change, huh?) Even Rob can be heard in the background saying, "That is so dope!" He's right β€” a pony is the coolest gift.

This isn't the only time the reality TV family shared Christmas memories. Here's a round-up of Kardashian-Jenner throwbacks that will help get even the biggest Scrooges in the holiday spirit.

1. Kendall's First Pony

Kendall's excitement captures the joy of gift-giving. Plus, I love that Kim and her mom are wearing matching holiday PJs.

2. Matching Dresses

Kris Jenner shared this photo of Kendall and Kylie wearing matching dresses. Apparently it's a holiday tradition.

3. Kylie Opening Gifts

This video of Kylie is the absolute cutest! Everyone should have that level of enthusiasm when opening presents.

4. Baby Kourtney

While Kourtney frequently shares adorable photos of her kids, here's a throwback of Kourt as a baby herself. How happy does she look?

5. Ninja Turtles

I was going to ask why they had a Ninja Turtles themed Christmas card, but then realized a better question: Why not?

6. More Matching Dresses

Looks like Kendall and Kylie take after their big sisters! Here's Kim and Kourtney in some seriously plaid dresses.

7. Hanging With Santa

This is probably my favorite Kardashian Christmas card. Speaking of, where is this year's card? Time is running out.

8. Red & Green Galore

Those sweaters and bows are pretty stylish, huh?

9. Eating Cookies

Kourtney is casually eating a giant gingerbread man β€” aka one of the best snacks of the holiday season.

10. All-White Ensembles

With all the confetti in the background, this card is super festive.

11. Posing With The Tree

Look at baby Mason in his tuxedo!

12. Sister Sweaters

These matching outfits are adorable, even though Khloe looks unimpressed.

13. Classy Christmas Card

I'd like to point out that they're all wearing the same shade of red, except Kim. She's always been the one to stand out.

14. North Meeting Santa

This isn't the oldest throwback in the bunch, but here's North meeting Santa last year. Hopefully this year she's more excited about the holiday.

15. A More Serious Santa

This card must be from the year Kendall was born. Too precious!

Thanks to that major dose of nostalgia, it already feels more like Christmas. Fingers crossed that the family posts even more festive photos soon!