The Best Hairstyles For Hiding Greasy Hair

by Melanie Richtman

One of my friends has the luxury of being able to go five days without washing her hair and it never seems to get greasy. I, however, do not have that ability. The only day I'm guaranteed not to have greasy hair is the day that I showered (or the next morning if I showered at night), otherwise, by the second day, my hair is pretty greasy. As a result, I've had to figure out how to disguise greasy hair in ways more creative than just throwing on a hat.

Many of these hairstyles are good at hiding greasy hair and can do so without dry shampoo, but if you happen to have dry shampoo, baby powder or a volumizing hair powder, like this one from ULTA, all of these hairstyles will look even better (naturally). And the best part about these hairstyles is that they don't take very long and you don't need any tools other than your trusty arsenal of hair ties and bobby pins, and, realistically, a comb or brush.

One advantage of having greasy hair is that it forces you to be more creative with your hairstyles, so you can't just rock your signature hairstyle every day, and isn't that great? Here are a few quick hairstyles you can do to hide greasy hair.

1. A Sleek High Pony

People actually add products to their hair to get a slicked back ponytail. No need to do that when you have second (or third) day hair. This tutorial also gives ways to expand upon the sleek pony.

2. A Disheveled Half-Up Braid

This braid looks even better when it's messy, which is why it's perfect for greasy hair. Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde is a hair genius.

3. A Half Bun

I'm not really sure why, but the half bun has become my go-to for when I have greasy hair. I think I like it because A) it's trendy and B) I tend to like having my hair down, so at least this is half down.

4. A Low Bun

Kim Kardashian rocked this low bun hairstyle at almost every public appearance during her pregnancy. It's an easy way to look put together while having greasy hair.

5. A Wrap Around Braid

Hide your greasy roots by blending them seamlessly into one giant braid.

6. A Classic French Braid

Nothing like a simple french braid to hide greasy hair.

7. A Messy Bun

When in doubt, go with a messy bun. Messy buns will always disguise a greasy hair day. I've found that if you just run your hands back and forth through your hair after it's in the bun (to make it extra messy and a little frizzy) you can pretty much hide any evidence that your hair is greasy.