8 'Bachelor' Contestants You Definitely Forgot

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ben Higgins might not have fallen in love on nation television, but from the looks of The Bachelor's 20th season, he seems to be doing alright. Maybe that's because the handsome, un-hitched hero has 25 beautiful women all vying for his love, attention, and floral arrangements. Who knows.

The only thing we really know is that this isn't the first time an objectively good-looking, single man — with a penchant for travel, drama, and dating multiple woman — has set foot on that wet driveway. ABC's notorious matchmaking show has been on for 19 (!!!) seasons. Which means that more than likely, there have have been a ton of Bachelor contestants — just like the ones were about to see again on January 4th — that you forgot about. After all, how can you keep track of 19 seasons, 13 years, and approximately 475 contestants? That would be crazy. (Impressive, but crazy.)

While some of the women left lasting impressions, there are many others that have since flown under the radar. And because it's been so long since Alex Michel started this whole thing, it's possible that you've forgotten about certain Bachelor contestants. Thankfully, I'm here to refresh your memory before Season 20 begins.

1. Amanda Marsh

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OG ‘Bachelor’ Alex Michel chose Amanda Marsh, but didn't didn’t propose. (My, how things have changed.) The couple split after a few months in 2003, according to Us Weekly. (My, how things haven't changed.)

2. Jen Shefft

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Andrew Firestone chose Jen as his wife-to-be on Season 3. However, the couple broke up ten months after being engaged, as Us Weekly reports, and Jen was subsequently chosen to be the third ‘Bachelorette.’

3. Trish Schneider

Trish was one of the franchise's first "villains", but at least she warned everyone about her ulterior motives. (As in, wore a shirt that stated "Gold Digger. Like a hooker, just smarter.")

4. Melissa Rycroft

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In what really was — no, seriously — the most dramatic event in Bachelor history, Jason Mesnick dumped his original pick (Mellisa) and asked his runner up, Molly, if they could rekindle their flame. All on national television.

5. Ashley Spivey

On Brad Womack's second season, Ashely Spivey was the adorable southern belle that stole the hearts of America. Unfortunately, she was sort of overshadowed and forgotten about, due to Ashley Hebert having landed the coveted Bachelorette spot.

6. Rozlyn Papa

The infamous Bachelor contestant was kicked off Jake Pavelka's season, after allegations she was having an affair with a producer came forward.

7. Tierra LiCausi

The former contestant on Sean Lowe's season declared "nobody will take my sparkle away!" Suffice it to say, she didn't stick around much longer than that.

8. Sharleen Joynt

From the moment Sharleen Joynt entered Juan Pablo's season, she seemed kind of uncomfortable with the whole thing. Which explains why she's stayed relatively out of the spotlight — despite penning some hilarious and painstakingly accurate comments on the whole franchise, via her column for Flare.com.

We better start improving our memory skills. It doesn't look like The Bachelor — or its contestants — are going anywhere, anytime soon.

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