7 Resolutions To Channel Your Inner Monica Geller

Everyone has that friend who seems to just have it so... together. Maybe she's still a few rungs on the career ladder away from her dream job, has a bunch of roommates, and isn't exactly lucky in love, but when it comes to the little stuff, she knows exactly what she's doing. She's the woman who knows exactly how to throw an epic dinner party (no takeout required), never leaves her apartment anything but spotless, and has her own monogrammed stationery for sending thank you cards. Basically, she is the real life equivalent of Monica Geller from Friends. Sure, Monica had her fair share of struggles, but she's the only one of the six friends with her own peach cobbler recipe — if that's not winning adulting, I don't know what is.

While we could learn life lessons from the journeys of all of the friends (and probably Gunther too), if you want to improve your life in easy, yet significant ways in 2016, you should take some notes from Monica. Base your New Year's resolutions around her strengths and you may find that your home is cleaner, your food is tastier, and life feels just a little bit more adult.

Here are seven New Year's resolutions you can make to be more like Monica in 2016.

1. Do Something For Your Neighbors

Ultimately, Monica's neighbors took advantage of her candy-making ways, but before that happened, she definitely felt good about giving back. Plus, wouldn't it be cool if everyone in your apartment complex called you the "candy lady"?

2. Date People With Goals Similar To Your Own

You don't have to be looking to settle down or have kids to follow this rule — you just need to know what you want, whether it be marriage or a hookup. Monica ended things with Richard because she really wanted kids and he didn't, and ended up finding someone even more amazing. (Hellooooo, Chandler Bing!)

3. Keep Your Apartment Tidy

No one loves to clean more than Monica, so I don't think it's a coincidence that in all her years living in New York, she never once had to call an exterminator. While many of us will never each her impressive level of cleanliness, resolving to organize that junk drawer or clean out the fridge more frequently is a start.

4. Try Something That Scares You

Like, say, karaoke at a piano bar. Just make sure to wear something that covers all of your, um, assets under bright lights.

5. Shake Off The Haters

Monica's parents are super critical, which irks her often on Friends — but she never lets that stop her from doing what she wants to do. Monica's strongest moments come from when she finally decides that her own happiness is more valuable than her mother's criticism.

6. Host A Dinner Party

You don't need fancy dishware to throw a food-based soiree (especially if your friends are going to start a brawl in your kitchen anyway). Channel your inner Mon and whip up a few beloved recipes that you can treat your friends to and you might just find that you absolutely love playing host.

7. Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Well, at least at a New Year's Eve party.

Borrow these resolutions from Monica and your 2016 may be a little more organized, and way more grown-up.

Image: Warner Bros. Television