What Does Your Fave ABC TGIF Show Say About You?

Back in the day, there was one of television programming around which '90s kids scheduled their lives: ABC's TGIF. In fact, it was so great, I think it is safe to say that ABC's TGIF lineup was everything that was right about the world of the '90s sitcoms. To modern eyes, the laugh-track fueled family comedies may seem hopelessly dated — but that would be a foolish thought, and one that hasn't stopped TGIF shows from making comebacks with Boy Meets World and Full House both earning modern day spin-offs on Disney and Netflix, respectively. These shows defined all of our childhoods, and while we probably loved them all to some degree, we all definitely had a favorite TGIF show.

This show is the one show you defend to this day, the one you wile away hours watching on streaming services, and the one you keep wishing will get a continuation of its own. Whether your heart beats for Family Matters or you think Dinosaurs was unappreciated in its time, your favorite TGIF show is like a window into your television loving soul. Yes, your favorite definitely has something to say about who you are as a person. Those were formative shows, and Cory, Sabrina, Uncle Jesse, and Urkel all left their marks.

So, what does your favorite TGIF show say about you? Read on to find out.

Full House

The extended Tanner crew gave you an appreciation for found families at an early age. You have always been focused on the needs of those you love, and are a natural caregiver. You are no friend to irony, and while there are certain prestige programs you love, there is a laugh track shaped hole in your heart that no sitcom can ever fill.

Family Matters

You have always excelled at anything academic, but social situations are sometimes a challenge. Even though Urkel could be silly, he was a hero to you because he was unapologetic about his love of learning. Slapstick is your favorite type of humor.


Quirky and adventurous, you are an expert at discovering all the cool places, movies, and shows before anyone else. Endlessly creative, you have always been a little offbeat and you are proud of it.

Step By Step

You are either an only child who always wanted to be part of a big family, or you have lots of siblings and loved seeing another huge family on TV. As far back as you can remember, you have hated to be alone. You always crave company and good conversation over solitude.

Boy Meets World

Making the world a better place is your number one goal in life. You don't speak sarcasm, and you are not afraid of falling in love. You are an amazing friend, but realism is not your number one priority.

Hangin' With Mr. Cooper

Growing up, you were definitely the cool kid at school. A big sports fan, you didn't spend a lot of time watching TV — and that definitely hasn't changed. While you still excel at work and love rooting for your teams, you haven't been swept away by nostalgia for the old days. (That is not to say you wouldn't be ecstatic if a Hangin' With Mr. Cooper reboot was announced though.)

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

You definitely believe in ghosts, and Halloween is your all-time favorite holiday. A cat person by nature, you totally don't understand dog people. You are a wizard when it comes to puns.


Cher is your life hero. Stylish and caring, you love giving advice to your friends — even when they don't ask for it. Thanks to your bubbly personality, they let you get away with it though (most of the time).

See, your fave TGIF show really is like your pop culture fingerprint. Would you have it any other way?

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