The Hadid Sisters Love 'High School Musical'

It's days after Christmas, and yet presents are still appearing left and right. While on vacation with their mother and brother, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid danced away to High School Musical, as shown by a Snapchat of Gigi's featuring the sisters' love for "We're All In This Together." The video comes just after the duo's mother, Yolanda Foster, took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of her family — Gigi, Bella, and their brother Anwar — with the caption, “The best thing to hold onto in Life is each other." So when Gigi took to Snapchat to post the hilarious clip of the sisters' ode to HSM, I couldn't stop smiling.

The Hadid family truly lived it up this Christmas holiday, having spent it together in the slopes and having rocked some seriously great hats. It's good to see them having such good family time; earlier this week, E! News reported that Bella and "Can't Feel My Face" singer The Weeknd were taking a break from their relationship. Meanwhile, Foster is dealing with the divorce from her husband, David Foster, and a much-discussed battle with Lyme disease. So it's great to see the Hadids taking the time to bond — and show off some pretty great dance moves — despite all this.

How precious is this video? Captioned "Currently..." by Gigi Hadid, the clip spread like wildfire all over social media once it was posted this weekend, and I'd expect part of fans' enthusiasm for it comes from remembering that we have all been guilty of displaying the same High School Musical love at one point on our lives. Hey, no shame over here. Disney Channel classics are for everyone.

The adorable clip got around so fast that even Ashley Tisdale, a member of the famous HSM clique, saw it, and her reaction was priceless.

Same, Ashley, same! Anything High School Musical related makes my heart nostalgic and warm, but watching two popular models let loose with a perfect sister act of dancing to one of the movie's most memorable songs is the icing on the cake. You're never too old or too cool to relive the good old days and dance along to songs from your favorite musical. Thanks, Gigi and Bella, for reminding us all of just that.