Justin Timberlake Continues Being The Best Dad

Back in November, Justin Timberlake earned a new title. Nope, it had nothing to do with his musical talents. Instead, People magazine crowned JT the "Sexiest New Dad" of 2015. It was a well-deserved award, considering the former boy-bander takes his role as a father pretty seriously. On Christmas, Timberlake shared a new photo with son Silas and the sweet snapshot is the perfect reminder of what the holidays are all about. In the caption, he wrote,

This life... Truly the GREATEST gift ever. Hoping you are spending time with the ones you cherish and remembering that we are ALL family. Sending love from ours to yours. Merry Christmas, everyone!! --J and J and S

How heartwarming is that? Timberlake deemed his son the "GREATEST gift ever" and he's right — family is everything. It's also sweet that he wishes everyone else a happy holidays and says that "we are ALL family," essentially a reminder to treat others with the kindness and compassion they deserve.

To quote *NSYNC's old lyrics, this picture is "tearin' up my heart" because it's just that cute. Silas is all bundled up in a hooded jacket while JT kisses him on the cheek. Although his little face isn't showing, it's adorable nevertheless.

While Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel don't post a ton of photos of their son, every picture they do share is the absolute cutest. Because I can't resist, here are a few more photos from Timberlake's first year as a dad.

1. Celebrating Father's Day

When it comes to Silas' wardrobe, the Timberlakes are already nailing it. Just look at those "I heart dad" PJs.

2. Cheering On The Grizzlies

You're never too young to be a football fan, huh?

3. Posing With The Parents

Luckily for fans, Timberlake shared more baby pictures on his pal Jimmy Fallon's show. Look at those big eyes!

4. Announcing His Birth

Silas was born in April, but JT first broke the baby news with this adorable photo. So sweet.

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I hope the Timberlakes vow to share more Silas pictures on social media in 2016. The world needs more cute baby photos.