All The Clothes The Kardashians Got For Christmas

There's Christmas that involves ugly sweaters and store-brought cookies for Santa, and then there's Kristmas that involves livestreaming, 150 presents, and one $15,000 bike. On Sunday, the public got a peek into how the Kardashians spend the Christmas holiday, onesies and all. Sorry Oxford Dictionary, but "extravagant" may have a new meaning — all thanks to the Kardashian brood.

As any family of reality TV royalty would do, the Kardashians broadcasted their gift festivities on their #SisterSunday livestream — available exclusively on Kourtney's new app and website. For diehard fans, this may as well be bonus candid footage of the Kardashians in their natural habitat, away from prying cameras and filtered dialogue. Highlights of the Christmas morning stream include color-coordinated presents (red for Kris Jenner, silver for Khloe) and perhaps the most talked-about tidbit: "150 gifts and counting".

And by 150 gifts, what is being referred to is the 150 presents Kanye West bought for beloved wife Kim. This is no joke: a whopping 1-5-0, all topped off with a To Kim, From Kanye. The gift menu is undoubtedly drenched in luxury — so far, Prada and Louis Vuitton are a few of the cushy labels Kanye has showered Kim with.

"[Kanye] sent his assistant to Italy and shopped via Skype," she reveals in the livestream. Whether this is husband goals or assistant job goals is what I'm still debating over.

While Kim and the Kardashian clan have yet to divulge the rest of their Christmas bounty, here are the fashion pieces we know they have received so far.

1. Saint Laurent Coat

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Caught on the livestream? A colorful concoction worth a pretty penny. One of Kim's many gifts is a multicolored fur coat, which bears a striking resemblance to the one that stormed the runway at Saint Laurent's Fall 2015 collection. Considering Kanye's designer hook-ups (and infinite bank account), a Saint Laurent fur coat is definitely not out of the question.

2. Prada Jumpsuit

Noam Hanoch Lace Trim Jumpsuit, $699, saksfifthavenue.com

In the past, Kim has gone the jumpsuit route both on and off the red carpet — so leave it to her dear hubby to remember that when it comes to gifting sartorially, history prevails. This time around, it's a Prada jumpsuit underneath the tree. Unfortunately, not much is known about what lucky jumpsuit Kanye (and his assistant) picked out, and the internet proved no assistance either. One Google search for "Prada jumpsuit" left me with zero photos, so until Kim unveils the number, let's settle with this smoldering Noam Hanoch jumpsuit. Black, sleek, and lace cut-out? That's instant Kim K material right there.

3. Louis Vuitton Dress

Louis Vuitton Fluid Satin Dress, $6,550, louisvuitton.com

Also among Kim's treasure trove is, of course, a Louis Vuitton dress. Vague, but the options are endless. Kanye certainly doesn't skimp on the designer labels, so LV is no surprise here (actually, multiple LV gifts seems more like it). Perhaps Kanye wanted to spoil his wife with a majestic masterpiece or treat her to a casual, everyday frock — either way, expect to see Kim sporting Louis Vuitton in the near future. I like to imagine Kanye presenting Kim with this dreamy satin design, perfect for that Friday dinner date.

4. Mink Coat

Looks like Kim may have nabbed herself yet another fur coat this winter season — and one for little North too. Like mother, like daughter, right? A mink overcoat in classic black is Kim's choice attire, complete with fishtail braids and one gingerbread house. The exact designer has yet to be revealed, but I'm thinking this $6k edition from Yves Salomon could be a contender.

Yves Salomon Mink Fur Coat, $6,498, intermixonline.com

5. Christmas Onesie

For the Kardashian devotees out there (or more accurately, Dash Dolls), have no fear: you too can crown yourself an honorary member of the household with one click of the "buy" button. That's right — the holiday onesie that the family rocked Christmas morning is up for grabs. As Khloe flawlessly models with Mason, the festive onesie is part of the Katy Perry x Beloved collection — ornaments, candy canes, and gingerbread galore. The holidays may be over, but there's no harm in prepping for next year, right? That, or simply accepting the fact that you'll be wearing a Christmas onesie in the dead of March.

Katy Perry x Beloved Adult Belovesie, $129.95, belovedshirts.com

6. A Diamond Ring

This massive ring sparked engagement rumors, but Kylie swears it was just a really, really nice Christmas gift.

It won't hurt to start planning your holiday wish lists now and pray that by next winter, you'll end up with your own doting Kanye West to spoil you with eternal presents.

Images: Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian/Instagram, Courtesy Brands