A Poem For The Spice Girls Reunion Rumors

Next year, the third planet from the sun will celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the biggest, one of the best, one of the most important pop groups of all time: In November of 1996, the Spice Girls released debut album Spice in Europe (those of us living in the the U.S. of A. didn’t get our mitts on the CD until February of ’97). Fans have been ramping up to this major milestone for a while; Spice Girls 20-year reunion talk has been sauntering around the Internet for the last few years.

But will it really happen?

The former members of the biggest girl group ever have hinted at a future reunion, but nothing has been confirmed. However, if we’ve learned anything from the past, the Spice Girls are definitely down to reunite (see: the 2012 Summer Olympics; 2007's Return of the Spice Girls tour). A celebration in 2k16 does not seem out of the realm of possibility, but I will not allow myself to give into the excitement until the Spice Girls make an official announcement. For if the reunion does not actually go down, it'll be as emotionally taxing as the day I realized my feet could no longer fit into my beloved platform Skechers.

This probably goes without saying, but I really hope this reunion comes to fruition. So much so, I called up my heart, listened to what it had to say, and wrote a poem. (And by “wrote a poem,” I mean I stitched together some Spice Girls lyrics.) Without further ado, here's a poem/some Spice Girls lyrics that sum up my feelings regarding the Spice Girls reunion rumors:

Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want/I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zig-a-zig-[another Spice Girls reunion]

I need [a Spice Girls reunion] like I've never needed love before/I had [tickets to the Spice Girls reunion back in '07], now I'm back for more

It's time to free what's in your soul [i.e., make the official Spice Girls reunion announcement]

Last time that we had this conversation I decided [I need an official announcement]/But now [the reunion rumors are] going round in circles, tell me will this déjà vu never end?

This time you gotta take it easy, [reunion rumors], throwing far too much emotions at me

Too much of [reunion rumors] is bad enough/Too much of [no official reunion announcements] is just as tough/But something's coming over me to make me wonder [if the reunion really will happen]

Undress [the reunion rumors] with her eyes, uncover the truth from the lies

I'm giving you everything, all that joy can bring, this I swear/And all that I want from [the reunion rumors] is a promise [the reunion] will be there/Say you will be there

It's time to free what's in your soul [i.e., make the official Spice Girls reunion announcement]

‘Cause I don't care about the money [that it could cost me to go see the Spice Girls in concert again], don't be wasting my time [with rumors… unless the rumors are based in reality, that is]

Come on and do it [and announce the reunion]/You gotta make [the reunion] real

Viva forever, I'll be waiting/Everlasting, like the sun/Live forever, for the [the Spice Girls reunion]/Ever searching for the [the Spice Girls reunion]

It's time to free what's in your soul [i.e., make the official Spice Girls reunion announcement]

Can you blame me for caring so deeply? I mean, just look at these goddesses:

May 2k16 bring us all the zig-a-zig-ah and spiced up life we could hope for.