Here's Some Good News For 'PLL' & Spoby Fans

When Pretty Little Liars returns in January with Season 6B a lot will have changed, including the fact that five years will have passed. There have already been immense reports, rumors, and information released about the upcoming season, especially when it comes to the Liars' relationship statuses. For example, if you're a Spoby shipper and you've yet to hear, Spencer and Toby are no longer a couple when PLL returns. That said, it seems that Spencer and Toby fans shouldn't lose hope, because showrunner I. Marlene King just dished some promising details about their future.

While chatting with Variety, she said about old relationships being rekindled: "It’s romantic, so you’ll have to read into that what you will make of it. I don’t want to spoil the ride for anybody, but with Spencer Hastings, I do believe there’s hope."

So, does that mean fans will see a Spoby reunion? There appears to be a glimmer of hope for the beloved PLL couple. Obviously, that doesn't mean it will happen or the two will reunite immediately, especially when there's someone new in the picture when it comes to Toby. Come Season 6B, Kara Royster will play Yvonne, who becomes extremely close to Toby. Per King, "He’s extremely involved with someone, other than Spencer. We’ll find out early on that with two people who grew apart, but still love each other so very much, this is the first person he’s really been able to care about since he and Spencer grew apart."

Regarding Yvonne, she has been described as an "important person in [Toby's] story and life." During the PLL "5 Years Forward" special, it was also revealed that Toby meets Yvonne during a robbery, where the two connect and Toby just might be seen as a "knight in shining armor."

There have also been fans speculating that Spencer and Caleb hook up, which might mean even more bad things for Spoby. In the past, Spencer and Caleb bonded over hacking and investigating A. Not to mention, the 6B promo shows them together an awful lot, Caleb getting hot and heavy with someone, and Toby punching someone who resembles Caleb. So, make of that what you will.

Whatever the case, let's just focus on the positive of what King said: There is hope for Spencer. Even though so many years have passed, if anyone can rekindle a flame and find their way back to one another, it's Spencer and Toby. They've experienced so much good and bad together that there's no doubt they can work through whatever tough times are ahead.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC Family; adri-star/Tumblr