North West Is All Smiles With Santa Claus

One day, I hope to score an invite to Kris Jenner's elaborate Christmas Eve bash. The Kardashian-Jenner kids were in attendance, as was Drake. Plus, there was an awesome photo booth. Sounds like my kind of party! Reminiscing about the event, Kim Kardashian shared the cutest photo of North West with a certain Saint. No, unfortunately it's not Kimye's new baby — instead, I'm referring to Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus. This is equally significant, considering what happened when little North met Mr. Claus last year. In 2014, Kim shared a photo of her daughter posing with Santa, but had to preface it with the following caption:

North is still warming up to Santa. The same Santa has come to my moms Christmas Eve party since I was a kid. I love sharing the tradition with my baby girl! hope everyone had the best Christmas

This year, things are completely different! North is all smiles, as is her dad Kanye West. The 2-year-old has the biggest grin on her face as she looks adoringly at Santa. Considering the family really outdid themselves with presents this year, I can understand why she's so happy.

Honestly, I'm glad North isn't frightened by Santa anymore. In fact, she's matured quite a bit this year. Back in February, she caused a scene when crying at the Alexander Wang show during fashion week. But this fall, she was calm, cool, and collected at her dad's Yeezy Season 2 show. She's growing up right before fans' eyes.

Let's check out the Christmas contrast firsthand!

Christmas 2014

Honestly, to a toddler, it probably is very frightening when someone with a huge beard shouts, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and gives everyone unexpected presents. I definitely understand where North's apprehension was coming from.

Christmas 2015

In this photo, she's an entirely different person. This is like one of those "freshman year vs. senior year" memes that shows significant growth. I also appreciate that she's wearing similar outfits in both photos — it helps highlight the change in her facial expression.

Congrats to North for conquering her fear of Santa in 2015! That's a major accomplishment for any toddler.