Meet Gwyneth Paltrow's Brother Jake

Hey, remember a little while ago when we all marveled at the crust punk existence that was taking place within Jennifer Aniston's brother? Guess what, Aniston's not the only yoga-y blonde movie star with a brother we don't talk about often. Gwyneth Paltrow's got Jake Paltrow, her director brother who has a film at Sundance right now.

So what is there to know about Jake Paltrow? Well, he's got eight directing credits, including nine episode of NYPD Blue, one episode of Boardwalk Empire, and Young Ones, which is premiering at Sundance. The IMDb logline says it's "set in the future when water is hard to find [and] a teenage boy sets out to protect his family and survive." It stars Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning, and Jake Paltrow also wrote the screenplay.

Gwyneth showed up to the Sundance premiere in support of her brother, and the resemblance is not hard to spot between the two, even given Gwyneth's perfectly manicured air of wealthy Manhattanite movie star. Don't get me wrong, though: Jake Paltrow also seems to ooze wealthy Manhattanite from every pore, so it might just be in their genes.

This was Paltrow's second film to go to Sundance; the first was his feature film directorial debut, 2007's The Good Night, which featured his famous sister, as well as people like Penélope Cruz and Martin Freeman.