15 Chrissy Teigen Musings Applicable To Parenting

Serious (mostly rhetorical) question: What's better than following Chrissy Teigen on Twitter? Practically nothing. For years now, I've been favoriting her quips, offering my phone over to my friends to laugh along to her relatable musings, and retweeting her pearls of wisdom, because I care and, honestly, because I spend way too much time on social media. Now that the sage social media guru is expecting a daughter, her "real talk" has expanded to the parenting variety. Not that I'm a parent or anything, but if I was, Teigen's advice is some I would most definitely be heeding. And, sort of am as a 24-year-old child, anyway.

The best thing about the model's many thoughts is that they apply to so many facets of life, whether that's the subject she's actually dishing on or not. It makes me wonder if she knew going into Twitter that her words would mean so much. But who would have that type of foresight? Who could know that some of her more combative followers would act like children? If you really think about it, she's actually been parenting for quite a while. Twitter kind of ended up being like one of those mechanical training babies you get in your high school Home Ec class.

1. How To Properly Make Breakfast For Your Children (Or Anyone, For That Matter)

Egg blankets. That's a disconcertingly cute description.

2. What To Do When Your Kid Is A Teen And Asks To Take The Car/Have Some More Money/Get An Obscene Tattoo

It's a proven method. Worked for my parents.

3. How To Not Pressure Other People About Being Or Becoming Parents

A little louder for the people in the back.

4. Appreciating The Little Things

Actually, this is probably a very big thing in the scheme of it all.

5. Understanding Your Kid's Interests

Mainly, by being fun.

6. How To Appreciate Your Partner, But Also Know Your Own Worth

Because you both have it good. Equally.

7. Being Vocal About Encouragement And Good Deeds

It's all about positive reinforcement.

8. Solidifying The Whole "What Mom Says Goes" Universally Accepted Mantra

Yes, ma'am.

9. Acknowledging Unfair Treatment Of Women

Because it should be pointed out.

10. Championing Healthy Eating

Definitely a suggestion they should consider.

11. Leading By Example


12. Delivering Head Scratchingly Profound Statements

You have to give kids something to think about, you know? Let those little brains work.

13. How To Make The Best Of A Situation

No matter what. This is just a nuanced version of the "glass half full" story your parents told you.

14. How To Be A Decent Human Even When You May Not Feel So Decent

AKA "If you don't have anything nice to say..."

15. Practicing What You Preach

Also, restraint.

Does she have a hotline number? She should get a hotline number.