20 Weird Holidays To Celebrate This Winter

It's true that we put a lot of pressure on the holiday season — from Black Friday to Boxing Day, 'tis the season for overspending, over-decorating, and over-indulging. But you shouldn't be bummed out now that Christmas and Hanukkah are over, since there are still plenty of winter holidays in January and February that are worth celebrating. Yes, they might be on the weird side, but surely someone on your Instagram feed will recognize the greatness of "Fruitcake Toss Day" on Jan. 3... right?

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, and the imagination of strangers, it seems like every day on our calendar is dedicated to the greatness of something. Surely, my black cat felt a little more appreciated on "National Black Cat Day," which fell on Oct. 27, and my sister probably recognized how many clothes I've lovingly stolen from her on April 10, which was "National Sibling Day." While these holidays seem somewhat normal, there's a lot of strangeness that happens in the wintertime that's probably overlooked based on the popularity of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year's Eve.

Make sure you and your loved ones celebrate some of these wacky holidays — all of which don't necessarily require gift giving, so all you'll need to bring to the celebration is some enthusiasm.

1. Jan. 3 — Festival Of Sleep Day

I can already tell that this weird holiday will be my ultimate favorite. Jan. 3 is all about snoozing, pajamas, and getting some much-needed shuteye after Christmas and New Year's. What's not to like?

2. Jan. 6 — Bean Day

According to The Huffington Post, Bean Day is celebrated on Jan. 6 to honor geneticist Gregor Mendel, who was known to use both peas and beans in his studies before passing away on this day back in 1884. To honor him, you should probably eat a lot of beans. As a famous poet once said, they're "good for your heart." (And there was a line or two after that, but it's slipping my mind at the moment.)

3. Jan. 8 — Bubble Bath Day

Remember that episode of New Girl, where Winston (and none of the other guys) was all about having a bath installed? You should be channeling him on this day, taking a bath for comfort the way he did back in Latvia.

If you got any bath products from your aunt (who you haven't seen in five years, but wanted to be nice) this Christmas, thank her by using them today. Jan. 8 is just a perfect day for relaxation.

4. Jan. 11 — Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day

This holiday just seems a little mean spirited, but hey — I didn't create the day. Before you go forth and splash friends, make sure they're fully aware of the holiday, thus noting that your splash is festive, and not jerk-like.

5. Jan. 12 — Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day

Well hellooooo, wild men! The Internet isn't too sure how this holiday came to be, but I'm not complaining.

Make sure to give thanks to your favorite wild man, or at the very least, watch a couple episodes of Man Vs. Wild and develop an educated opinion on Bear Grylls.

6. Jan. 14 — Dress Up Your Pet Day

Or, for those of us who have finicky pets, it could be "attempt to dress up your pet, and then watch your cat hiss at you and hide under the couch for three hours, you monster."

7. Jan. 16 — Appreciate A Dragon Day

Why not, right? Dragons, for some, are a cultural symbol — in fact, in Chinese lore, the dragon was known to bring rain and good fortune. Of course, you can celebrate any dragon you want, from hilarious magician Piff The Magic Dragon, to the three dragons that Daenerys takes care of on Game Of Thrones.

8. Jan. 21 — Squirrel Appreciation Day

When you're done appreciating dragons, you can get ready to appreciate squirrels. This holiday was founded by wildlife rehabilitator Christy Hargrove, and I guarantee that it wasn't created as an excuse to sell cards.

While you might just see squirrels as an animal that you're always terrified of accidentally hitting with your car, take today to realize how powerful and adorable the squirrel can be.

9. Jan. 23 — Measure Your Feet Day

Did they grow? Or are the shoes at DSW just getting strangely smaller? Now's the day to find out!

10. Jan. 28 — National Kazoo Day

Do you remember the last time you played a kazoo? Whether you were awarded one for some stellar rounds of Skee-Ball at the beach as a child, or if you were peer pressured into playing one for some kind of awkward family birthday party, now's the time to reflect on those memories fondly.

11. Feb. 6 — Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

All of your dreams are coming true! Finally, you can eat ice cream for breakfast, and have a good retort as to why. In my eyes, coffee ice cream doesn't count — go all out with some mint chocolate chip.

12. Feb. 11 — Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

You've probably heard the phrase a billion times before, but you never put it into practice. Today is a day to not let the small stresses get to you. Think back to the serenity you gained during National Bubble Bath Day, and take a lot of deep breaths if things at work are getting you frazzled.

13. Feb. 13 — Get A Different Name Day

If you were given a name that you were never able to find on a novelty license plate as a child, today is the day to change everything around. Just don't take on a name that three other people in your friend group have. Come on now. Get creative with it.

14. Feb. 15 — Singles Awareness Day

Today is the day that all of the Valentine's haters love to talk about. In fact, it's become quite a "thing" in recent years, and I absolutely love it. If you're not one half of a couple, take today to buy yourself flowers, eat some chocolate, and watch movies like (500) Days Of Summer, which will remind you that sometimes love can actually be terrible.

15. Feb. 23 — International Dog Biscuit Day

In case your dog still hasn't forgiven you for trying to dress him in ridiculous clothes back in January, you can win back his favor with this amazing holiday. Dog treats have really come a long way in the past few years, so maybe it's time to splurge and buy your dog something that's both healthy and (seemingly) delicious.

16. Feb. 26 — Tell A Fairy Tale Day

This should be a fun holiday for all! Bust out your old copy of The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, and get reading. If you have young ones in the house, this is a great day to introduce them to some timeless classics.

17. March 3 — If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Let's just get right to it — if pets had thumbs, we'd be in a lot of trouble.

18. March 6 — National Frozen Food Day

Grab some frozen fruit, and make yourself a delicious smoothie this morning. Or be like me, and eat multiple servings of pizza rolls for every meal.

19. March 8 — Be Nasty Day

Here's another day that seems somewhat terrible. Obviously this holiday was created by Regina George. If you feel the need to celebrate, try to do something that'll only affect you — like, make a point not to do laundry today, or listen to Janet Jackson's "Nasty" on repeat.

20. March 10 — Middle Name Pride Day

Learning someone's middle name is always interesting, especially since the topic usually comes up during the fourth date with a guy you kind of like, but have run out of "getting to know you" topics with.

If you're neutral on your own middle name, celebrate the best of the best middle names of your favorite television characters, like Steve "Anita" Smith on American Dad!, Ted "Evelyn" Mosby on How I Met Your Mother, and Phil "Tandy" Miller on Last Man On Earth.

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