How Long Was Kendall Jenner In The Hospital?

It's been a crazy busy year for the Kardashian-Jenners, so it only makes sense that at least one of them wore themselves out. According to a blog post on her website, Kendall Jenner was secretly hospitalized this year due to her busy schedule. Although we may never know how long Jenner was in the hospital, it's likely that it wasn't for too long. Between three different fashion weeks, photo shoots all over the world, her fashion collaborations with Topshop and Pacsun, and countless other things, it only makes sense that Jenner would feel run down at some point during the year.

According to her latest blog post, she was hospitalized for exhaustion in 2015, but she didn't reveal how long she was actually there. I'm willing to bet it wasn't for much longer than a few days, given that Jenner was never out of the spotlight for long, plus the fact that she was able to keep it secret from her fans and from the media.

Odds are that she was only able to take limited time off because of her crazy busy schedule, but her Instagram might provide some clues as to how she recovered from that (probably brief) hospital stint. Right around the time of sister Kylie's birthday, Jenner spent some time home with her family. Around mid-August, her Instagram showed pictures of her having lunch and taking selfies with her family. Not only that, but she posted a lot of photoshoots that she'd already done, as well as photos of other people to social media at that time.

It's not crystal clear proof, but it makes sense to me. Sometimes family time is the best medicine there is, and with all the attention on Kylie's birthday, it would be the perfect time for Jenner to sneak off and get some much needed rest. Plus there was a few days when she didn't post any pictures of herself or what she was doing, but rather pictures of Brad Pitt and her September Vogue shoot. So yes, she was still on social media, but she wasn't updating followers on her current activities.

The timing makes complete sense too. After shooting the Calvin Klein and Balmain print ads, the Chanel show, and running around with BFF Cara Delevingne, I can see why she'd feel a little bit run down. If I remember correctly, she also seemed a little bit stressed out on Keeping Up With The Kardashians around the same time. Summer seems like it was a bit of a crazy time for Jenner.

Whereas all of this definitely isn't solid proof that she was hospitalized for a few days in August, it seems like the only opportunity Jenner had to slow down and take a break from her crazy life before fashion month kicked off in September. According to her blog post, this will be the year of chill for the 20-year-old model, thanks to her New Year's resolution to take more time to relax. What will that mean for her busy career? We'll have to wait and see.