Kendall & Drake Would Actually Be Really Cute

It sure seems like in 2015 Kendall Jenner became one of the hottest commodities in both fashion and the world of entertainment. Even though she's a reality star, she does choose to keep her dating life fairly private, but that hasn't stopped people from spreading rumors of the men she's dated or hooked up with throughout the year. Most recently, Kendall Jenner was rumored to be dating Drake after Drake posted a cozy selfie of the pair on his Instagram. Could it be true? We might not know now or ever, but here are some reasons that Kendall and Drake would actually make a cute couple.

This December, Kris Jenner hosted her annual Christmas Eve party, and it seems like a lot of major stars made appearances. Drake got fans talking when he posted a photo of himself and Kendall on social media, with her doing a kissy face and him biting his lips. Naturally, he didn't put a worded caption, just an A-OK emoji, which makes it seem like Drake knew what he was doing, because it definitely got people talking.

And it got me thinking: Would Kendall and Drake actually make any sense as a couple? I think so and here are some reasons why.

1. They Are Both Close To Their Moms

Nothing makes a relationship run smoother than when you are both close to your family and can understand everything that comes along with it. Momma Jenner and Momma Drake even have their own fan bases, so they would probably be able to relate and get along, as well.

2. They Run In The Same Friend Group

In early January, Drake and Kendall were spotted having dinner with a few friends, so this means that along with their families being close, their friends are close, which is usually a very good sign in a romantic relationship.

3. Kendall Has Qualities Drake Is Looking For

Kendall hasn't spoken too openly about what she's looking for relationship wise, but Drake shared to E! News that he appreciates a driven girl, which Kendall definitely is. He said, “I need somebody funny. I need somebody driven. I like unique goals... I like to hear about wanting to be a business owner. In my world, that’s unique.” She's building her own empire, that's for sure!

4. They Both Have Their Own Careers

Drake is pretty much the biggest thing on radio and Kendall is the biggest thing on the runway, so they know how to deal with the pressure that comes along with fame and would know how to support each other.

5. He Is Close With Her Family

By all accounts, it seems like the Kardashians LOVE Drake and he definitely loves them back. He told E! News , “I really like Kylie a lot, I really like [Kendall Jenner], you know, everybody is really nice... Khloé’s really nice, and obviously, the queen of it all, Kris, she’s my favorite!” Smart man.

6. They Both Have Great Fashion Sense

They both have that casual bomber jacket look down, and Kendall could totally borrow some of Drake's clothes. Also, imagine some of the joint fashion spreads that could happen here?

Can you even imagine if they really are together? Maybe they'll make my dream come true in 2016.