Get Your Hands On Ariana Grande Viva Glam ASAP

Nobody pulls off platinum blonde hair and cat ears quite like she does, so naturally, when she announced that she was going to come out with beauty products, the world went crazy. What can you still buy from Ariana Grande’s #VIVAGLAM Collection for MAC? Well, folks, both products from this two part collection are still available to shop, and it seems as though they won't be running out anytime soon. Hooray!

Everybody’s dying to get their hands on these Ari-inspired lip products because, why not? She is all about glam moments, and these dramatic lip tints will help you have a Grande-status moment that’s all your own. And since there’s only two pieces in this line, you could literally shop the entire collection without breaking the bank (with proceeds going to charity) — so there’s really no reason not to shop it all.

The lipstick is a dark purple hue that’s great for bringing the drama. The pink lip gloss in this collection is great for a more demur look because Grande definitely has her subtle, sweet moments, too. So, you can achieve very different looks with each lippie in this line. And you really can't go wrong with either (or both)!

Viva Glam Ariana Lipstick , $17, MAC Cosmetics

You can't go wrong with a deep dark plum color on your lips.

Viva Glam Ariana Lipglass , $15, MAC Cosmetics

But, then again, this light pink shimmer has just the right amount of color and shine, you know?

Can't decide which to choose? That's OK because you can get them both for two very different, but equally fab pouts!

Images: MAC Cosmetics (2); Giphy (1)