Harry Styles Will Keep Busy In 2016

I'm trying to remain positive about the fact that another year has quickly passed, because it only means that we now have a fresh new slate and a whole new year to look forward to. (Maybe this will finally be the year I decide to take the gym seriously? Who am I kidding...) Anyway, my favorite celebrities to watch this year were the guys from One Direction, because they went through the most shake-ups of their career in 2015. Since I have a soft spot for one member in particular and because now we're looking forward to the new year, I decided to come up with some of the things that we can look forward to from Harry Styles in 2016.

In mid-December, Styles and the boys performed on The X-Factor, which marked their final live performance before their much talked about hiatus. When their hiatus was first announced, fans were quick to get angry and sad about it, but when you think about it, this could be the absolute best thing for 1D. They've been touring and putting out music constantly for five years and they deserve time to hone their individual creative projects and just CHILL. I, for one, think Styles is far too talented and hyper to just sit and vegetate on an island for a whole year, so here are nine things we can expect from him in the new year.

1. Lots Of New (Shirtless) Travel Photos

Even though I think he will be working on some creative projects, he will most definitely be traveling and exploring a lot. What does this mean for us? Maybe some photos of him some beach in Thailand? Seriously though, I hope he is mostly able to go incognito. Plus, he can always post pics on his Instagram.

2. A Solo Feature On Another Artist's Song

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Styles has been writing music for a bit now, and while he might start to slowly work on his own solo material, I think the most logical step for him will be to make a surprise feature on a big artists' song. Imagine Justin Bieber feat. Harry Styles or, like, Mick Jagger and Harry Styles? It would be the perfect springboard for a solo career.

3. Some More Of His Mysterious Photography

We already know that Styles has an eye for black and white photography on his Instagram, so he will definitely keep up guessing with his mysterious posts about his current whereabouts. After some practice on this break, maybe we can eventually see a Harry Styles photo exhibit in the future?

4. A Solid Girlfriend

Styles is kind of a serial dater and hasn't been able to settle down with one woman since he's been on tours around the world and so busy, so maybe this break will mean that he can date and make some good connections. Harry deserves a nice girl!

5. Tons Of Random New Tattoos

Styles' tattoos always get people talking and he recently revealed a new eagle cover-up tattoo while on his Miami holiday. I have no doubt he is going to add much more ink in 2016.

6. His First Acting Role

The rumors of Styles coming to Hollywood have been going on almost as long the solo career rumors, and lit up again when Lea Michele said she was rooting for Styles to appear on Scream Queens . Hmmm, well, he is going to have a lot of free time now. E! News has reported, "Harry is being offered acting stuff, but he hasn't accepted anything yet... He is not openly looking for stuff either but is open to offers." This might be the most perfect time for him to make a funny cameo on a television show or supporting role in an indie film. Get on it, Harry!

7. More Inspirational & Sweet Tweets

Styles is the happiest person on Twitter (really!), and now that he won't be on tour, we can expect some more gems of wisdom that will reach beyond thanking his fans in every city he visits (even though that's super sweet.) We can see a bit more about who Harry Styles really is beyond One Direction. All the love, H.

8. Spending Quality Time With His Other Celebrity Friends

Almost everyone in Hollywood has a crush on Harry Styles and wants to be friends with him because he's just so charming and dreamy. I definitely want to see him partying with Rihanna, having lunch with Zach Braff, and goofing around with Cara Delevingne again.

9. Becoming A UNICEF Ambassador

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Daily Star reported that Styles is keen on working with UNICEF and wants to spend some of his break giving back to children in the developing world. D'aww! A source says, "He knows he is incredibly privileged to live the lifestyle he does but Harry is determined to do good with his spare time." Please let this be true! He's pretty much an angel already, right?

Even though Styles might not be traveling around the world as part of One Direction, we still have a lot to expect from him in 2016, and I can't wait.

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