Kylie Jenner Wears Yeezy Boosts With A Multi-Thousand Dollar Accessory — PHOTO

When you get a brand spankin’ new diamond for Christmas, you’ve got to put it to good use, right? Kylie Jenner’s giant diamond made another apperance on Instagram. She paired the massive rock with sweatpants and sneakers because no matter what you wear with a ring that fabulous, it’s sure to look incredible.

Last time her new piece of jewelry showed up on social media, it was on her right hand. Nevertheless, the engagement rumors started, and then the ring was absent from Instagram for a few days. Annnnd, now it's back. It's not exactly the focal point of the pic, but there's no missing it. Maybe she thought those braids her family’s been loving lately and those Yeezy Boosts would distract from the bling. But, come on. Not even sweat pants and a laid-back ensemble could take away from a shine so bright, you know?

While we may not have the answer to the engagement saga, one thing is for sure — Jenner’s style remains on-point. Ring or no, engagement or no. She’s a pro at dressing up a pair of sneaks (and as you can see her new bling will only help continue that theme). Check out seven times she’s rocked a pair of sneakers and get excited for all of the fantastic dressed-down looks to come.

Hair tied, sweat pants on and still super glamorous. That's just her way.

1. Mini Black Dress

This super short LBD elevates this sporty look. When it comes to comfy-chic, this girl knows what she's doing.

2. Fancy Feet

This time it's the shoes that take this look to a whole other level.

3. Leather Joggers

There's nothing like a little leather to make your outfit even more cool.

4. Longline Jacket

A longline jacket makes anything more classy.

5. Monochrome

An all-one-color ensemble is the epitome of chic, even if your outfit does consist of sweat pants and a hoodie.

6. Killer Accessories

When your bag and shoe game are strong, you can take on the world.

7. Matchy, Matchy

If your nails match your shoes, it can only amount to good things.

Jenner knows how to dress up even when she's dressed down and that's because she's got some major style. Of course, that massive bling doesn't hurt, either.