How Did Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles Meet? Well, It Wasn't The Most Romantic Start

There's only one day left in 2015, but leave it to the Kardashian-Jenner family to squeeze in one last dating rumor. In case you haven't heard, Kendall Jenner may be back together with Harry Styles. Considering she was the subject of several relationship rumors this past year, it's not the most surprising. Still, because she dated the One Direction star previously, it's very interesting that the two reunited. The pair was spotted eating dinner together on a British island on Tuesday night. Then on Thursday, photos surfaced of them on a yacht in St. Barths. Amidst all of these vacation photos, I can't help but wonder: How did Jenner and Styles meet in the first place? Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Rumors about Jenner and Styles dating trace back to the fall of 2013. That's when they went on their first date. After that, other dates followed suit, including a ski trip. In February 2014, the pair broke up due to scheduling conflicts, but it didn't sound like too devastating of a split. That's why it's not entirely shocking that the two reunited — Hendall was a good thing while it lasted.

According to various sources, Jenner and Styles were first introduced by their managers. (This must mean Kris Jenner, right? Since she's Kendall's "momager" and plays a huge part in her kids' careers.) While this makes sense, it isn't a cute introduction at all. It sounds far too formal and very Hollywood. So, I've decided to use my imagination and come up with a few other meet-cute stories for the alleged couple. If they want to tell people one of these stories instead, I definitely don't blame them.

1. Hanging Backstage At A 1D Concert


Considering she referred to 5 Seconds of Summer as One Direction during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, I'd have to guess that Jenner is a 1D fan. She and Styles could have easily met backstage at his show, where he would've sang an acoustic version of "What Makes You Beautiful." Swoon!

2. Sipping Tea In London


Since Jenner is a jet-setting model, it would have been adorable if the 20-year-old star ran into Styles while traveling for work in his native homeland. They could have bumped into each other and then bonded over a cup of tea and crumpets in a cute café.

3. While Filming The X Factor

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In December 2012, Niall Horan tweeted that it was great to meet Kendall and Kylie Jenner backstage at a filming of The X Factor. This could very well have been where the sparks first flew between Jenner and Styles. It would've been pretty sweet if Horan introduced them.

4. Kim Playing Matchmaker

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In an interview with MTV News in January 2013, Kim Kardashian admitted Styles is her favorite One Direction member. Since she's very much off the market, Kardashian could've played matchmaker for Jenner instead. After all, she's married to one of the biggest names in music, so she could've used Kanye West's connections to snag his digits.

While the original story of how they met sounds a bit boring, that doesn't mean their relationship has to be. If these two actually are together, there will be plenty of memorable dates in their future! In the meantime, are there any more cute vacation photos?