Kendall Jenner Suffers Massive Brain Fart While Presenting at The Billboard Music Awards — VIDEO

How do Kardashians fare in high pressure situations? If Kendall Jenner is any indication, not very well. Poor Kendall officially had her opportunity to present at the Billboard Music Awards solo — sans sisters, overbearing Momager, and everyone else in her famous family — and, in a moment that made all of us at home feel super uncomfortable, she managed to flub the whole thing up.

Kendall has a lot of experience in two areas: starring in a hit reality show and scoring way more modeling jobs than her sis, Kylie. (Sorry, Kylie. It's true.) But, as we learned Sunday night, reading off of a teleprompter is not one of her areas of expertise — cue an inevitably large amount of jokes (and probably tweets) about Kardashians being illiterate. Unfortunately, Kendall blew her big presenting opportunity introducing 5 Seconds of Summer's performance when she had what appeared to be a giant brain fart on stage, rendering her incapable of reading or even speaking the English language.

This pretty much proves that despite how fabulous the Kardashians seem, they're actually human... which is always a refreshing fact to be reminded of, especially on the days I wake up and don't look like Kendall. Which, apparently, is every day of my life. So yes, Kendall messed up a few words on the teleprompter, and it was hilarious... but she's still a teenager, and she will be mocked plentifully on the Internet for at least 15 more minutes to atone for her mistake.

And let's face it: The Kardashians are good at a lot of things. No other family in the world (except for maybe the Chrisleys) has captured our hearts, our minds, and, on the rare occasions we find ourselves at Sears, our wallets like they have. After the years of entertainment her fam has given me in sickness and in health, I think I might be able to let her little mishap slide. So I might be able to give Kendall a pass on this one. It was also good to see that she can laugh at herself when something embarrassing happens, which, like reading, is pretty difficult to master.

And, um, given that she ever has the opportunity to present an award or introduce a performance at a major, nationally broadcast awards show again, I'm assuming Kendall will be extra careful to read slowly and properly enunciate every single word. Right, Kendall?