Twitter Reacted To Swift's "Out Of The Woods" With Some Serious Love

Taylor Swift gave the galaxy a big ole gift this New Year's Eve when she debuted her newest music video for her single, "Out Of The Woods". The cinematically stunning video was released during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and immediately sent fans into a Swift frenzy. The video is a departure from Taylor's usual style and finds her crawling through mud, jumping off a cliff and running from wolves in a snowy wasteland. It's not exactly "Shake It Off." The story the video tells is a really encouraging one of finding your way back to yourself after losing someone else. Taking a peek at Twitter reactions to "Out Of The Woods" will confirm that most everyone approved.

The message that couldn't be ignored came in the form of titles at the beginning and end of the video. Each read together, "She Lost Him. But She Found Herself. And That Was Everything." The positive statement seemed to really resonate with fans. But that's not all people noticed.

It seems to be no secret that the song is about Harry Styles. While Swift has not come right out and said it, she has alluded to the fact that her relationship with Styles often felt very tenuous. There are also a few hints in the video to confirm this idea and fans were quick to point out the possible Styles-related imagery.

Most of all, people were in awe of how beautiful the video really was and impressed by the empowering message Taylor was sending.