13 "Out Of The Woods" GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Feelings About The New Year


One of the beautiful things about the new year is that it always feels like a clean slate. And, last night, at the stroke of midnight, you probably staggered out of the wasteland that was 2015, and decided once and for all to put all of the bad decisions and crappy first dates and unmet goals behind you in favor of a fresh start. You are determined to become the better versions of yourself and to find yourself once and for all. So when you saw Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” video on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, your first thought was probably that this was the most perfect New Year’s music video ever. Because the message and GIFs that have come from it totally define how you are feeling about the New Year.

Being all about independence, self-love, and finding yourself, this video features Taylor Swift mostly on her own—with the rare exception of a lone wolf or two—singing her heart out. She walks through the woods, she tries to find her way, and in the end she finds herself. Seriously, could there be a more perfect music video for how we are all probably feeling about the new year?

Because 2015 may have knocked some of us down, but this video and the amazing GIFs it produced shows just how you can take control of 2016, take charge of your life, and find yourself once and for all.

1. When You're Looking Back On The Year And Feeling Kind Of Overwhelmed

Because a lot happened, and you're not entirely sure what to do with it.

2. Because There Were Some Serious Wolves In 2015

Let's not even talk about the guy who dumped you after four years or the fact that you still haven't gotten that promotion at work.

3. And Sometimes It Felt Like You Were All Alone

In the middle of nowhere, no less. But remember: Even Taylor Swift had a production crew nearby. None of us are ever totally alone.

4. Because There Were A Lot Of Things Holding You Back In 2015

Fears, changes, life in general. You name it, 2015 probably brought it.

5. And There Was A Lot Of Falling

So much falling.

6. But You Are Determined To Take The First Step

Maybe you write down some goals or brainstorm some actions you can take.

7. Because You Are Standing On The Edge of Something Awesome

Like a new year, a new you, and a whole new opportunity to better yourself.

8. And You've Decided To Conquer Your Goals

Slay, girl. Slay.

9. So You Take That Leap Into The New Year

Man, that free fall feels so good.

10. And It's Like You've Been Reborn

Into a new life.

11. And You Stand Tall

Because you've had enough of being knocked down by 2015.

12. And You Decide You're Going To Tame Those Wolves

Every last one of them.

13. And Find Yourself, Finally, In 2016

Because in 2015 there were plenty of stumbles, plenty of mistakes, plenty of instances where I put other people before myself, but there's nothing like a new year to put the past behind me and find myself once and for all.

Even if it takes crawling through mud and icky rain water.

Image: TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube (14)