Kandi Is No Porsha Fan On 'RHOA' At This Point

At the end of the last episode, DonJuan overheard Porsha, Phaedra, and Shamea discussing the business issues that arose between Todd and Phaedra. And while Todd & Phaedra had a business meeting to attempt to work out their issues, that didn't help the fight between Kandi & Porsha over the derogatory comments, which kept bubbling underneath the surface but didn't explode until the two met for a solo lunch. Porsha refused to talk about the problem while Kandi's loyal "Kandi Koated Krew," DonJuan and Carmen, were around (though Porsha, how can you have been on this show for years and still not have noticed that those two back Kandi up at every turn?).

Kandi's grievance started out simple: she wanted Porsha to apologize for talking about Todd like that behind her back. And Porsha didn't want to talk to Kandi with the crew, she only wanted to talk about it with Kandi. When they met separately, though, Kandi was incredibly frustrated, and told Porsha to stop believing Phaedra's stories — "don't believe the *bleep*-ing hype."

Meanwhile, the business arrangement still hasn't been resolved. Todd actually pulled out some real documents to prove that Phaedra owed him almost ten thousand dollars in order to finish the video, and got her to agree, even though she didn't whip out her checkbook in order to pay him just yet. But she'll be out of luck if she thinks she can convince Kandi to do anything but stand by Todd —if the Tuckers could be split that easily, then Mama Joyce would have succeeded years ago.

One thing's for sure: Kandi & Phaedra's relationship is nowhere near what it once was, and that's sad. And now, Kandi's friendship with Porsha is basically over, and her relationship with Shamea is on its way out as well. Who knows what will happen once Phaedra finds out about the meeting between Porsha and Kandi. Hopefully these once close friends aren't driven totally apart forever — Phaedra, write that check right away!

Image: Mark Hill/Bravo; Giphy