Ricky Gervais' Star Wars Jokes At The Golden Globes Will Be The Most Predictable Thing About The Night

Here are two undeniable facts: The Golden Globes are Hollywood's biggest party, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Hollywood's biggest movie of the year. So with the awards ceremony happening next weekend, you just know that movie will be a big part of the show. But since the film was released too late in the season to earn any nominations at the ceremony, that means that any Star Wars references will have to be provided by the host himself. And because controversial Golden Globes bad boy Ricky Gervais has somehow once again nabbed hosting duties, fans should expect the comedian to make all kinds of inappropriate Star Wars jokes. But how does one go about making fun of something as successful as Star Wars?

Admittedly, Gervais will have his work cut out for him. I mean, if people didn't like it when he made fun of The Tourist, one of the most maligned films to ever snag a Globe nomination, then they're really not going to like him going after something as beloved as Star Wars. But then again, it's all in good fun, and since The Force Awakens is well on its way toward making at least $2 billion at the worldwide box office, I'd say anyone who was involved with the film is going to be laughing all the way to the bank. So here are the controversial Star Wars topics I expect Gervais to go after at the Globes.

George Lucas

Perhaps the most-likely target for Gervais is the creator of Star Wars, who had nothing to do with the new film. A lot of fans were very happy about that fact, and Lucas has already been the object of several unflattering comparisons between the new film and his unpopular prequel films. Expect Gervais to mock Lucas relentlessly for missing the boat on the new Star Wars — especially after the director's recent comments about the new film.

Disney's Marketing

The Force Awakens has seen a marketing push unlike any film before it. Expect Gervais to either mention unbelievable-but-true marketing tie-ins for the film, or make up phony tie-ins that are utterly ridiculous. Whichever direction he takes, the goal will be the same: To paint Disney as a heartless corporate overlord willing to sell out Star Wars to anyone willing to pay for it.

The Film's Originality

Perhaps the biggest criticism leveled at the new film has been the movie's apparent lack of originality, with some even claiming that The Force Awakens is a deliberate remake/ripoff of A New Hope. Gervais is certainly aware of these comparisons, and his joke could be something as simple as an old-timey, "I liked it the first time... when I saw it in '77." Rimshot!

Rey's Perfection

I love Rey as a character, but there are some out there who think she's a little too perfect. She's better at piloting the Millennium Falcon than Harrison Ford, she's better at using the Force than Kylo Ren, etc. So with that in mind, maybe Gervais could suggest that Rey should host the show instead, since she would undoubtedly be the greatest host ever.

Emo Kylo Ren

One of the biggest breakout stars of the film is Adam Driver's Kylo Ren, who has seen some good-natured ribbing due to his flowing locks, parent-driven angst, and temper tantrums. If Gervais doesn't get in a few easy Kylo Ren jabs relating to any of these characteristics, then the show won't be complete.

Finn Being Black

It's easy to forget now that the movie is such a hit, but there was a very vocal group of idiotic fans threatening a boycott The Force Awakens due to John Boyega being cast as a black Stormtrooper. If Gervais touches on this subject, I'm sure he'll take the high ground and go after the franchise's racist fans rather than Boyega's race.

Nerds Getting Excited

It seems like everyone is a Star Wars fan at the moment, but the series' base is still made up of hardcore nerds. I wouldn't be surprised if Gervais mocked this subset of the culture, probably in a way that alludes to their lack of social skills.

The Cast's Age

It's not often that actors the age of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill earn headlines in an action movie, so I expect Gervais to have a little fun at their expense. And since they're all big stars, Gervais knows they'll take the jokes in stride without being offended... while still giving the internet something to complain about.

There they are, my predictions on the controversial Star Wars jokes Ricky Gervais will make during the Golden Globes, because you know the show's most controversial host won't be able to resist tearing down the biggest movie of the year.

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