Khloe Kardashian's Latest Quote Is So Important

It was a year of change for Khloe Kardashian in 2015. She was vocal about her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. She also went —and stayed!— blonde, before chopping off her locks into a much shorter 'do than we'd previously seen. Khloe Kardashian's New Beauty cover is stunning, as her face is framed by lots of long and luxe blonde locks. But most importantly, the reality star absolutely owned body positivity with her awesomely inspiring and powerful cover quote.

The quote, which lives in her famous hair in the image, read as follows: "Even though I have been labeled fat or ugly, I've never really felt that way."

Preach, sister! Kardashian is unquestionably and physically gorgeous and oozes confidence, so I'm glad she's not letting the haters get her down. She is also known as the most motherly of her sisters and has a huge heart, as evidenced by how quickly she rushed to Lamar Odom's side during his medical drama and time of need. All of these qualities make her a head-turning and beautiful person.

What we all need to take away from her quote is the fact that she is not and will not be defined by what haters say or think. The trolls have never affected how she views or feels about herself and they shouldn't.

I love that her makeup, while plentiful, was soft and neutral. But this is one of Kardashian's best covers... ever. It is one of her best moments as a blonde and as a beauty icon, since she just encouraged her millions of fans to love themselves and not be affected by mindless negativity.

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Her New Beauty cover, on stands today, is all about her buttery blonde waves. Those were nice while they lasted. Kardashian has since gone with shorter, sassier hair and probably did so after this particular photo shoot.

Kardashian has remained blonde and she has kept her shoulder-skimming lob, as opposed to hurrying up and adding extensions to recapture her shorn length. I have to hand it to Koko. When she makes a change, she sticks with it, unlike her big sister Kim, whose stint at blonde was short-lived. Her other big sis Kourtney has a pretty consistent look, with her super long, straight, and shiny black locks. The same can be said for her little sister Kendall Jenner. Of course, we all know that Kylie Jenner is a style khameleon who changes her look on a near-daily basis.

This Kardashian makes drastic changes and commits to them. There are no whims when it comes to her look.

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This is Kardashian now, with her lob. She really did hack off quite a bit of length, but this bouncier shape works with and for her. This textured lob suits her and that's likely why she has kept it.

The reality star has commemorated her life as a blonde with more than one magazine cover!

They should have just khristened the magazine "Komplex" when she kovered it! Her pushed back, wet head ringlets were super '80s and off-the-chain sexy!

She closed out 2015 by covering Redbook's December/January issue with warm blonde locks and a smile brighter than the sun.

She was the sole blonde on the family's Cosmo cover. How's that for standing out?

It's like Kardashian has always been a blonde. She's loving life with lighter (and shorter!) locks. She's also documenting this era.

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In case you miss her as a brunette! While she had rocked ombre and blonde highlights mixed with chocolate strands for quite a while, she was a full-on blonde for most of 2015.

Kardsahian also revealed her all-natural sleep tip to keeping her face smooth in her New Beauty feature.

Images: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (1); Women's Health (1); Complex (1); Redbook (1); Cosmopolitan (1)