'90s Golden Globes Looks We'll See In 2016

While the Jan. 10 Golden Globes are approaching, the majority of us are stocking up on snacks for viewing parties and putting our bets down for who will win what. But while we're there to appreciate the talents of these amazing actors, we'll also be there to swoon over the Golden Globe red carpet looks. Just think of all the dresses, the shoes, the clutches, and the sparkle. As everyone and their mother is making predictions about what color will be the most-loved and which style and cut will be favored (will this year's trends be glamorous? Minimalist? Maximilist?), I'd like to take things in a different direction and ask, which era do you think will be the most channeled?

We've seen our fair share of 1950s Old Hollywood throwbacks on the red carpet these past couple of years, but I'd like to tap on the idea that we've also been seeing a lot of '90s trends hitting the mainstream. From baggy jeans to slip dresses, from crop tops to high-waist jeans, the grunge meets minimalist era of our childhood and teenage years is making a real comeback. And I'm hoping it reaches the Golden Globes carpet. Below are some '90s Golden Globes red carpet looks that we'll probably see recreated in 2016. Because even though we're no longer wearing bucket hats, some things have become timeless.

1. Sweeping Skirts

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Who doesn't love a good dramatic skirt when going up to receive their award? Paltrow is channeling her best Cher Horowitz impression with the dainty cardigan, but seeing how it's 1999, who could blame her?

The olive-green-slash-silvery skirt pleasantly reminds me of those thrift store gems you probably happen across every once in a while. And even though she sported it over 15 years ago, it's still a very on-point look. Just think of Viola Davis's ruby red dress by Donna Karan Atelier last year. The look still very much works.

2. Miles Of Lace

HAL GARB/AFP/Getty Images

Actress Lynn Redgrave looks like pure romance in a lace overlay dress here. Some evening-wear trends just never go out of style. Whether celebrities show up to this year's awards in lace dresses that veer towards classic black and white or with frocks dipped in electric red or yellow hues, their ensembles will no doubt look just as stunning as Redgrave's timeless outfit.

3. Minimalist Evening Looks


We all know that minimalism has been hot these past couple of years, as those of us who have Oxford shirts and clean-lined trousers hanging in our closets can attest to. I predict that'll continue over into evening-wear preferences, too, with our favorite TV stars showing up in tasteful, Calvin-Klein-circa-'90s types of dresses, just like Jamie Lee Curtis here. All you need is a sweeping column, some satin material, a couple of tasteful crystals around the cleavage, and you've got yourself a winner.

4. Color Blocking

HAL GARB/AFP/Getty Images

Color-blocking might feel so 2012, but Keri Russell has been doing it since the '90s and pulling it off flawlessly. This year there's a chance we might see some of our favorite stars dabbling in the trend again, offsetting their sweeping skirts with brightly hued upper-halves. After all, the red carpet loves a good punchy color when it comes to its dresses.

5. Babes In Suits

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Whether it was rocked 15 years ago with choker diamonds and brown-red lipstick, or last year with towering five inch stiletto heels, this is something that's timeless.

6. All Silver

STR/AFP/Getty Images

Let's be honest: When you think "special event," one of the first things that pop into your mind is probably, "Oooh, metallics!" Just look at the style choices for New Year's Eve or holiday parties. The majority of them look like they've been dipped in gold or are doing their most fabulous best to represent a disco ball.

While the metallic trend is no stranger when it comes to award seasons, I'm hoping to see more dresses with sleeves, á la Jessica Lange here. There's just something about being completely covered in the hue — arms and all — that makes a big statement.

7. Peekaboo Cut-Outs

HAL GARB/AFP/Getty Images

When J.Lo does something, she does it all the way. This is made apparent with her 55th Annual Golden Globes dress, where she really embraced the cut-out trend, rocking an almost-crop top that gives her a sporty slash couture vibe. While cut-outs aren't exactly what you'd call "unheard of" during award season, I'm hoping to see more daring cuts and interesting angles. Let's make J.Lo proud.

8. Take-No-Prisoners Hues

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Sharon Stone doesn't mess around with her sex appeal, as becomes obvious when looking back at her 56th Annual Golden Globes dress. Not only is she sporting a Marilyn Monroe silhouette, but that color adds an electric punch to boot. My bet is that this year we'll see more sizzling shades like this, and a little less of the pastels and black-and-whites.

9. Slinky Silhouettes

HAL GARB/AFP/Getty Images

When I think of '90s dresses, I think of bare backs, fabrics that run down a body like water, and not much fuss when it comes to the styling. Just how Angelina Jolie here is rocking a slinky halter with minimum fuss (she's only wearing one bracelet as an accessory), some celebrities this Sunday will hopefully follow suit and go for clinging and simple.

10. More Personality


Do you guys remember Lena Dunham showing up to the Emmys with a Peter Pan collar dress made of yards and yards of frilly pink tulle? Now that was a statement; that dress showed personality and character. Just how Cybill Shepherd showed up to the 1996 Golden Globes in a red velvet and satin tuxedo suit and gym shoes. Here's hoping we'll see more personality out there on the red carpet this year.

11. Elegant, Elaborate Prints

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

When looking back at fashion, you might think that everything changes radically decade from decade, but just as actress and producer Hsu Feng appreciated a dress with elaborate stitching and bead work in 1994, our favorite stars are picking up on the same idea. While the silhouette of dresses may be more modern than turtleneck and bell sleeve combos, my money is on us seeing many dresses shimmering with bead work and boasting hundreds of hours worth of detailing this year.

So whether we see lace overlays or tuxedo-inspired suits, slinky shift dresses or punchy colors, I just hope we see some of our favorite stars channel their best red carpet looks from almost two decades ago.