Celebrities Who Would Love The Rumored Expanded Character Limits On Twitter

Get ready, world, because Twitter is about to get a whole heck of a lot bigger — or, at least everyone’s tweets will. It was reported on Tuesday that Twitter is in the market to start expanding tweets. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they’re working on a new product that will reportedly allow their users to make their tweets even longer than before. And just how long would these expanded tweets be? Get ready, because it’s not getting bigger by a few more characters — it's getting big enough for you to get your hashtags in without having to abbreviate words. Per the report, Twitter may expand its tweets to a whopping 10,000 characters. You want to know my first thought when I heard the news? Oh man, those oversharing celebrities are going to love this. Because there are tons of celebrities who overshare on Twitter, and I can only imagine that those same celebrities will love the new extended Twitter limits.

Just think: with the character limits extended to 10,000, personal Twitter pages could become like a blog. Celebs could write entire entries about coloring their hair, working out with their personal trainer, or getting ready for award shows for seven hours. In other words, this reported change could be amazing for celebrities. And there are a number oversharing celebrities who might love this news the most:

Kim Kardashian

It's no secret that Kardashian has a penchant for sharing every single detail from her day — and it's no secret that we all love every second of it.

John Mayer

This guy tweets about music, his pets, and his personal hygiene methods. Something tells me that we’d get a little bit more from this singer than we’d want if the character limit were bumped to 10,000.

Courtney Love

Is it any surprise that this rocker shares every little thought that comes into her head on her social media accounts? I’m sure we’d get even more if the character limit were longer.

Kanye West

Husband to Kim Kardashian, this guy often shares his most rambling thoughts on Twitter. Given the extra space, would he take it to the next level?


And every single one of those extra characters would be glorious.

So, get ready world: Twitter is going to blow the celebrity overshare wide open, and I have never been this excited for anything in my entire life.