When Can You Shop The UD Vice Reloaded?

If there’s anything you can expect from Urban Decay eye shadow it’s sheer amazingness. You're probably wondering when the Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded will be available to shop, and, well, you’re not going to have to wait too long to get your hands on these jewel tones. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief, now. The palette is coming exclusively to Ulta and is on sale online right now and will be available in stores on Jan. 24. Start planning how you're going to be using each and every one of the shades, STAT.

According to Ulta’s Instagram, there will be shades that you already know and love, plus more. There are going to be 20 different hues, all housed in one convenient package. So, Urban Decay’s really taken all of the guesswork out of your 2016 eye makeup looks. Because with that many different shades, the possibilities of mixing and matching are practically endless.

Check out some tutorials of how to use some of Urban Decay’s most well-known shades and get ready to use their latest palette in a multitude of ways. If you don't already have a tab to open, you better get on it!

OK, I can't wait to shop this palette. Can you?

Urban Decay Vice XX LTD Reloaded, $56, Ulta

Just look at all of those wonderful hues!

They're practically begging to be put on my eyelids.

1. Naked 2 Palette

The Naked palette was a huge hit. I mean, just look at the way those neutral colors give her a subtle glam look. It's pretty incredible.

2. Naked Smoky

Because the chance to add a little color to a classic smoky eye is too fun to pass up.

3. Fireball Eye Shadow

An eye shadow that acts as a highlighter and can be worn on your lips is a win in my book.

4. Naked Palette

Some of these bolder eye looks are great for going out at night, but if you're looking for a more simple daytime look, let this tutorial be your guide.

5. Urban Decay Vice 4

This shows you how to get a beautiful, fiery eye look with the most recent Vice palette.

Images: ultabeauty/Instagram (1); Ulta (2); YouTube (6)