Taylor Swift Proves She's A #QUEEN Again

If, like me, you're a complete and utter sucker for watching musicians strip their songs down to the barest essentials and perform them with minimal accompaniment, then you're going to lose your mind over the stripped down, guitar version of "Wildest Dreams" that Taylor Swift has just dropped from her acoustic session at the Grammy Museum Sessions last year. Performing the hopelessly dreamy song with just her voice and her electric guitar, the performance is jaw droppingly good and the song honestly sounds even better than it does on the studio track from 1989.

You might have previously dropped your jaw at another stunning performance taken from the same session in 2015 wherein Swift delivered a breathtaking piano rendition of "Out Of The Woods," and honestly, I can't help but feel that this is Swift in her natural element (probably thanks to her country music roots) and I want more of just her, her magnificent voice, and an instrument.

So, I've done what any self-respecting woman with a rather obsessive personality could do and trawled YouTube for all the best videos of Swift performing stripped down versions of her songs where it's just her singing against a minimal melody. I'm sure you'll agree that as much fun as queen of the squad, awkward dancing hero era Swift is, that these videos are all the proof you need that she doesn't need dance moves or supermodel friends on stage in order to rule.

1. "I Knew You Were Trouble"

"Even if we see red flags and warning signs, a lot of the time I think we just walk right past them." Total anthemic perfection.

2. "Trecherous"

Another song about a 'dangerous' attraction to someone, but here Swift is soft, vulnerable and taking her time to play out the heartbreak.

3. "Mine"

This is one of those performances which solidify Swift as a magnetic storyteller; stunningly powerful.

4. "Love Story"

One of the best and only songs you'll hear about how your parents were totally right about that guy who broke your heart when you were 17, the most endearing part of this performance is how much fun Swift is having while she performs it.

5. "All Too Well"

Are you even kidding me? This is raw. Jump to 2:27 for the complete Taylor Swift has gone to another level experience.

6. "Our Song"

Super young and super country, Swift proves that she's fine being gentle with her music but that she can be fearsome and powerful when she needs to, as well, pushing her vocal to frame a lyric.

7. "22"

I'm sorry, but I just love that tiny giggle which starts this video. Adorable.

8. "You're Not Sorry"

Skip to somewhere around the two minute mark and watch as Swift switches her vocals up a notch and holds it for what feels like forever.

9. "Teardrops On My Guitar"

Performing on her tour bus for a gaggle of excited fans, this is just about the sweetest video you might ever see of Swift. Love the Q&A before it, too.

10. "Fearless"

So insanely catchy.

11. "Begin Again"

Performed with a bit more of a backing ensemble than a lot of the other videos, but none the worse for it, the heart of "Begin Again" is highlighted by those flaring strings and the twinkling piano.

12. "Should've Said No"

Total powerhouse of a song, Swift seems angry and upset and I like it.

13. "Red"


Check out the video to listen to Taylor Swift's haunting rendition of "Wildest Dreams" for yourself, I promise you, it's super dreamy.