Fashion Resolutions To Make In 2016

Still trying to think of some goals for 2016? Instead of focusing on cliche topics like losing weight, saving money, or becoming more organized, try doing something different — like these fashion New Year's resolutions. While style is subjective and you should never feel like you have to follow rules when getting dressed, it doesn't hurt to have some fashion goals that could help make your wardrobe more interesting.

In my personal opinion, the best thing about fashion is that it's constantly changing and evolving — or in some cases, like with retro trends, going backwards. Too many people don't take advantage of all they can do with fashion. When we're super busy and trying to get by on a small paycheck, it's easy to get into a style rut. There's nothing wrong with wearing the same basic "uniform" every day if that's what works for you. But if you're someone who wants to try to get more into the fashion world with some killer #OOTDs, you need to change it up sometimes. Or maybe you're a shopaholic who needs to adjust her habits. That's where these resolutions come in!

Let's make 2016 the year you up your style game with outfits everyone you know wants to wear. Or let's at least make it the year you start shopping smarter. Want to do both? Follow these 12 fashion resolutions.

1. Stop telling yourself you "can't pull that off."

You probably can. Saying, "Oh, I could never pull that off" isn't doing you any favors. Again, let's make this the year we try new things.

Ci Sono Faux Fur Vest, $39.99, Amazon

Wool Wide Brim Floppy Hat, $20.99, Amazon

2. Accessorize more.

I can't begin to stress how awesome accessories are. Just adding one or two things can totally transform your outfit and upgrade your style. Purchasing some cool pieces of jewelry, or a pretty scarf or a nice bag can instantly make your wardrobe more interesting.

Lucite Collar Statement Necklace, $26, Amazon

Festival Shimmer Infinity Scarf, $18.95, Amazon

Cole Haan Mini Satchel Sling Bag, $228, Amazon

3. Let yourself splurge sometimes... but only sometimes.

There are two types of people in this world: The people who refuse to ever splurge on themselves, and the people who do it far too often. Personally, I am the person who is constantly treating myself to expensive items. My resolution is to stop splurging so much, and to only do it on things I love, and if you have the same issue, yours should be too. But if you never buy yourself something nice that you love? You should try it sometimes! It's nice.

Kate Spade New York Striped Wallet, $99, Amazon

Steve Madden Stecy Strappy Sandal, $79.95, Amazon

Michael Kors Large Hamilton Tote, $239.99, Amazon

4. Stop following fashion rules.

There are countless outdated fashion rules out there for plus-size women, for short women, for tall women, for curvy women. Make 2016 the year you wear what you like and what makes you feel good no matter what anyone else tells you.

Torrid Textured Bodycon Dress, $64.50, Amazon

BCBG Plunge Neck Romper, $60, Amazon

5. Get out of your comfort zone.

Fashion is such a great way to express yourself, but all too often, we wear the same variation of something over and over. You're either scared to try something new or you just don't even really think about it. This year, focus on picking out items you wouldn't normally wear that seem cool to you. You can also try styling your favorite items in new ways. Pinterest and Instagram are a great place to start: You can search for an item you already own and find tons of new ways to style it. Just do something different! You might be pleasantly surprised.

6. Learn how to save when shopping.

So many people never take advantage of the many saving options that are out there, which is a shame, because that means they're throwing money away when they don't have to. I'm going to talk about just a few things you can do to get a better deal.

One: Always look for coupons before you shop. Always. Sites and apps like RetailMeNot let you search the store you're shopping in to see if there are any available coupons or coupon codes.

Two: Sign up for mailing lists, but make sure they go to a separate email folder. Yes, extra is annoying, but they alert you to secret sales and send lots of coupons. If you're already going to shop, you might as well! Keeping them in that separate folder allows you to only look at the coupons when you've already decided to shop, rather than being tempted to spend money just because there's a sale.

Three: Get in on loyalty programs. Stop saying no the second the salesperson asks if you want to sign up. Loyalty programs (not to be confused with credit cards) give you better discounts and deals.

Four: Look around before buying certain items. You can find almost anything for cheaper just by Googling it.

7. Buy from more independent retailers rather than big stores.

Department stores and chain stores are great, no doubt about it. But shopping independent retailers online can be so awesome. There are so many talented people on the Internet! You can find tons of little shops just with some search, or you can find really cute items on Etsy. Shopping this way allows you to make unique purchases that aren't being worn by literally everyone else.

8. Focus on wearing what you like more than what's trendy.

There's nothing wrong with following trends if that's what you like. But let's make 2016 the year you don't throw away a pair of shoes just because Vogue said they aren't in style anymore. Wear what you like!

9. Stop wasting clothes.

If you shop a lot, I guarantee you have a pile of clothing and accessories you never wear that you probably never will wear. Make a resolution to stop wasting those items. Strapped for cash? Sell the stuff you don't want on a site like Poshmark or eBay. Want to do something nice? Donate your clothes to an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters or a woman's shelter. There's no reason they should be taking up space in your room when they could be doing something better.

10. Accept compliments about your outfit.

Like many women out there, I'm guilty of being horrible at accepting compliments. When someone tells me they like my outfit, I'll usually say something like, "Really?! I feel like it's not cute" or "Yours is so much cuter!" Let's learn how to accept compliments this year.

11. Start borrowing instead of just buying.

You know what can sometimes make a really cool and unique outfit? Borrowing something from your mom's closet. A great way to get rid of old clothes and gain new ones is to do a clothing swap with friends. Live with a girl roommate? You should definitely start borrowing from each other's closets. Hey, you can even borrow from a dude! Try new things and let others borrow your stuff in return.

12. Stop making spontaneous purchases.

Here's a cautionary tale to remember into 2016: Over the summer, I got an email about a Kate Spade secret 75 percent off sale. I obviously went online to buy something, and ended up spontaneously purchasing a $200 crossbody bag shaped like a lemon half. Yes, a lemon half. It is bright yellow, with sparkles and glitter, and... it is not my style at all. I spent $200 on a bag shaped like a lemon. I've never used it. I can't get that $200 back. Moral of the story: Pause before you buy something random. Ask yourself: Are you HONESTLY going to use this? If the answer is "maybe not," don't do it. Trust.

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