Drew Barrymore's 1982 Golden Globes Dress Is Presh

Drew Barrymore has been a Hollywood darling for, well, the vast majority of her life. Since the beginning, it seems, she's been a pro at precious styles — like those adorable daisy chain hair accessories. With award season coming up, it's time to revisit old fashion, and Drew Barrymore's 1982 Golden Globes Dress is so precious. The pastel frock is totally old school and reminiscent of your past glory days of family weddings and holiday parties, but for little Drew, she rocked the tulle number to the Golden Globes. Hey, we can't all be Drew Barrymore.

Barrymore's style has come quite a way since her stint at the '82 Golden Globes, but some things never change. The star is still definitely prone to styles that could easily be referred to as precious or adorable, and while that may sound juvenile, her style manages to walk that delicate line between pretty and sweet and childish and immature. In fact, some of the most common descriptors of Barrymore's style are "flower child" and "hippie." Her recent forays into the fashion and beauty worlds are proof of how great those looks can be. While it was easy to see the loveliness coming, it doesn't diminish the killer eye wear collection she's produced — aptly entitled Flower Eyewear— or her makeup line, Flower Beauty. Basically, she's all sweetness, and her precious 1982 Golden Globes dress proves it.

Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

Barrymore's pastel purple tulle frock brings me serious flashbacks to days of being dressed by my mom in looks that are, in the most flattering of terms, embarrassing. Barrymore, however, looks so cute, and while, there's no way to be certain, this seems to be the beginning of her love affair with pastels and adorable fashion. One of her most recent moments on The Tonight Show basically prove that she's got a love affair.

Barrymore appeared in an adorable pastel pink skirt and floral cardigan combo showcasing that signature, sweet flower child look she's become known for. She also jumped in Jimmy Fallon's arms when recreating Dirty Dancing, which was also totally cool.

This isn't the first time she was pretty in pink. In fact, Barrymore's most recent trip to France showcased the star amping up the pastels with some gorgeous feather and brocade details. While that may sound terrifyingly overdone, the look was as adorable as you'd expect.

Drew also let her love of color shine during her pregnancy. While many say that pregnant women glow during their time with a bun in the oven, Barrymore basically glows 24/7, even more so when she shows off a baby bump in a lovely yellow frock.

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Basically, Drew Barrymore's 1982 Golden Globes dress was a sign of things to come. The star's adorable, flower child, sweet style is one of the best, most authentic in Hollywood, and thankfully, her long history in the town, gives everyone a long list of perfect frocks.

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