Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay Lipsticks Are Here Soon

While beauty brands flooded Sephora and Ulta shelves with primo products and sets for the holiday season, the new year is starting off with some major makeup mojo. The full Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay lipstick and makeup collection is on its way and will be available very, very soon! How soon? No patience, huh? I don't blame you for wanting to know now, so I'll share the good news with you. More Stefani x UD products, namely those much-desired lipsticks, land next week.

Yep! You need to schedule a reminder in your iPhone calendar for Tuesday, Jan. 12. That's the day the expanded Stefani x Urban Decay collection will be available exclusively online on the Urban Decay website and at the freestanding California store.

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Stefani's divine collabo with UD launched with a perfect eye shadow palette last month and is now expanding to eight lipsticks, five coordinating lip liners, a blush and bronzer palette, and a brow box. Are you squealing with glee? Are you hyperventilating? Do you need an oxygen tank? I know, this is really good news that takes your damn breath away.

The range, which is loaded with lipsticks in several different shades of red, since deep, scarlet lips have been Stefani's signature for the past 20 gorgeous years, has something for every feature.

Don't you love the gold and black print as much as you love the actual liner shades?

I also love that she opted to do a Brow Box as opposed to the expected eyeliners. This is a nice complement to her shadow palette, that's for sure.

But you and I both know that this collection is truly all about the lipsticks, lipsticks, lipsticks.

Stefani's expertly painted, extra bold mouth has always been an excellently executed mix of Old Hollywood glam and modern punk goddess. Now, you can replicate her lip looks or create your own take on them with these shades.

Yes, there are few non-red shades in the range, since there are actual times when Stefani has worn other-than-red lipstick.

I am particularly interested in Ex-Girlfriend, a pretty and peachy nude, since I don't do dark or red lipsticks.

But Spiderweb is so, so Stefani. And it's just one of many ridiculously amazing reds.

Happy shopping next Tuesday, Stefani-o-holics, UD devotees, and general red lipstick lovers. Hopefully the collection doesn't sell out on the quick.

Images: Courtesy Urban Decay (5)