Proof Spencer & Caleb Could Be A Couple On 'PLL'

It's not uncommon for Pretty Little Liars fans to obsess over the upcoming season. It is uncommon, however, for part of that discussion to center around whether Spencer and Caleb could be dating. These two characters have always been close, but ever since ABC Family (soon to be Freeform) released the latest promo for Pretty Little Liars Season 6B, viewers are starting to wonder if these past five years has turned their friendship into something more. In the new footage, we see Caleb getting hot and heavy with someone, though the person's face is never shown. While I normally wouldn't think too much of it, especially since he and Hanna are no longer together, there were a couple of other moments throughout the clip that indicate the mystery woman could very well be Spencer, and the hosts of Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, think so too.

First of all, Caleb is seen pulling his pants up shortly after the steamy hookup. I doubt the series would be making such a big show of highlighting Caleb's sexual encounters unless it involved someone that we already know. It clearly wants us to take notice of who this person could be — perhaps to build us up for the shocking revelation that Spencer and Caleb are officially an item. And, adding further fuel to the fire, there are also several images from the upcoming episodes that show Caleb hanging out at Spencer's house. Why would he be over there? Does it have to do with Uber A business or is it just for pleasure? Listen to what Taking This One To The Grave had to say about the possibility in the new episode.

Now, check out one of the stills from second Season 6B episode, "Charlotte's Web," below. I'd recognize that attractive back of the head anywhere, which tells me that these Spencer and Caleb are closer than they've ever been.

But just in case that by itself isn't enough to convince you these two have officially left the friend zone, let's talk about what Toby is doing throughout this latest promo. At roughly the 18-second mark, we see Toby (in full police attire) punching some guy in the face at Spencer's house while she watches in shock.

It's hard to say with absolute certainty since we never see his face, but it's definitely possible that the person Toby is attacking is Caleb. These two used to be good friends. Maybe Toby is so angry because he found out about Caleb's secret relationship with Spencer.

Keep in mind that this is all just speculation at this point. Until Season 6B premieres, we won't know anything for sure. But you can't deny that the evidence is stacked in Spaleb's favor. Though this isn't something that I personally want to see happen (Team Haleb and Spoby forever!), that's never stopped PLL from emotionally torturing us before.

Now that Hanna is engaged to someone else, it makes sense that Caleb would be seeing someone else too. I just never thought it would end up being one of the Liars. But at least it doesn't seem to be making a huge impact on Spencer and Hanna's friendship. Either that, or this is one of the secrets Spencer is hoping to carry to her grave.

I hope I'm wrong about all of this, but odds are Pretty Little Liars is adding another 'ship to the ranks of this Rosewood inner-circle. Let's just hope they'll eventually plead temporary insanity and we can all forget this anti-Haleb and Spoby world ever existed. For more Season 6B theories, check out previous episodes of Bustle's PLL podcast.

Images: ABC Family, Eric McCandless/ABC Family; pllsugar/Tumblr