Ranking The 'PLL' Ships By Who Will Be Endgame

Unlike plenty of teen dramas, Pretty Little Liars doesn't revolve around who is hooking up with who or what side of the love triangle is going to prevail come the season finale. PLL has thrived on mystery — not romance — throughout its six seasons, and, ultimately, we watch this series for the clues and not the kisses. But while all of that may be true, it wouldn't be fair to write Pretty Little Liars off as a show completely devoid of relationship drama. The show might not be a Nicholas Sparks novel, but, in between hunting down A and unearthing long-buried secrets, love has certainly prevailed. The show boasts plenty of too-cute Pretty Little Liars couples, many of whom have achieved all of our relationship goals.

Unfortunately, not all couples on Pretty Little Liars are as strong as others; as the show's five-year time jump proved, the Liars' relationship haven't been able to survive the girls' lives away from Rosewood. Though these romances achieved all of our #relationshipgoals, a lot can happen in five years — and, clearly, a lot did. While the relationships on PLL may look completely different when Season 6B returns, there's no reason to give up hope on all of these couples just yet. They may not be together right now, but you know that there are certain pairs that just scream "endgame."

So who is more likely to get back together than stay apart? Here are the PLL couples who are now broken up ranked from "never ever getting back together" to "total soul mates," because you know some of their love stories aren't done yet.

7. Alison & Lorenzo

There are a few things working against Ali and her cop beau Lorenzo. The first? Ali is reportedly in a relationship with Charlotte's doctor when Pretty Little Liars jumps ahead five years. The second is that we've heard nothing about Lorenzo's fate following the Season 6A finale. And the third? Well... no one really seemed to care that much about this 'ship in the first place. (I mean, I did, but I'm one fan amongst many. Sorry, Lorenzo.)

6. Emily & Sara

From the previews for Season 6B, we see that Sara is still lurking around Rosewood. But as for the romance between Emily and Sara, well, that looks like it died with one swift punch. (Seriously, how did we all not realize that Sara was A-Team?) Then again, just because Sara ultimately betrayed Emily doesn't mean that this ship is definitely sinking: Emily is the Liar who entered into a longterm relationship with a girl who tried to drown her.

5. Emily & Alison

Emily and Alison have had ample time to get together, but any budding romance between has been squashed by Ali's manipulative tendencies. Ali's serious relationship in Season 6B would seemingly put in an end to any Emison hope, but it might not be that simple. Emison shippers are fiercely loyal to this potential romance, so much so that showrunner I. Marlene King had to acknowledge them specifically in her recent tweet:

Could Emily and Alison become an official thing? King's tweet seems to suggest it's totally possible, so it looks like we really can't count these two out.

4. Aria & Ezra

According to Lucy Hale's interview with TVLine, both Ezra and Aria are in new relationships when the series picks up again. Still, the former couple has developed a "strong friendship" from working together in the publishing world, despite their romantic history. Clearly these two are being thrust together for a reason, and it doesn't hurt that Hale herself thinks that Aria is still "madly in love" with Ezra. Now that the age difference isn't so icky, it seems only a matter of time before they are once again sharing pie and canoodling in Ezra's apartment — even if the only info we have to go on is a hunch.

3. Emily & Paige

Though it's not clear when Paige will return to Pretty Little Liars, this scene from the time jump — shown in the November special "5 Years Forward" — hints that Paige and Emily may have rekindled their romance. Though it's unclear if these two will stay together, it looks like their love story isn't over yet.

2. Hanna & Caleb

Pretty much every PLL fan wept when they found out that Hanna was engaged to a dude who wasn't Caleb after the time jump. But, despite that romantic tragedy, I have serious hopes that these two will get back together by the end of the series, if not Season 6B — even if hope is really all I have. Well, not just hope — also tee shirts! Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn recently released a "Haleb" tee shirt, and they wouldn't ask you to support a totally sunken ship, right? (It's thoughts like this that help me get through the day.)

1. Toby & Spencer

Spencer and Toby have had so many ups and downs in their relationship that it's hard to predict whether they're endgame or just one another's first loves. This hint from King suggests it's the latter, which should make any Spoby fan very excited for Season 6B. Though Toby is reportedly very much involved with a woman named Yvonne, King told Variety that, for Spencer, there's still "hope" to rekindle with a lost love. And you know she's not talking about Andrew Campbell.

Love is in the air on Pretty Little Liars, and while there are plenty of new romances to look forward to, sometimes tried and true really is best.

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