9 Times You Were 'PLL's Aria During Winter

Winter can be hard for those of us who feel the cold. I've been known to sleep fully clothed, with two pairs of socks and two hot water bottles just to keep the warmth in. Which is why in times when it's beyond freezing outside, it's important to have role models from whom we can draw strength! And what better role model could there be for basically any situation than Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars ?! Not only is Lucy Hale fashion fierce, she's always on point when it comes to delivering a killer line, or expressing just the right amount of emotion. And, furthermore, Aria Montgomery is totally all of us during the winter months, so it's kind of perfect.

So, aside from her having a torrid affair with English teacher Ezra Fitz and being held hostage in A's underground dollhouse, there are tons of stuff we all have in common with Aria Montgomery. From her eclectic style to her on fleek jewelry collection to her ability to pair the most amaze pair of heels with anything — not to mention and the fact that she never stops believing in true love — Aria is the character from Pretty Little Liars who can offer us so much inspiration. And when it comes to winter, I guarantee there have likely been a million times you were exactly like her. Here are just a few:

1. When You're Trying To Keep Your Winter Style Game 100 Percent

Investing in a coat which shows off your personality is a must. In Aria's case, her bold style choices mean that she can pull off literally any color, so why not silver?! Just because you need to stay warm, doesn't mean you have to be boring.

2. When All You Want To Do Is Sit Under A Blanket And Read A Book

OK, so this option is no Netflix and chill, but nothing says winter like a good book and a blanket. If, like Aria, you love to read, then winter is the time you really come into your own!

3. When Sometimes, All You Need Is A Cup Of Tea

In Aria's case, the tea may have been poisoned, so it's not the greatest example. Regardless of that, tea can be super soothing in the winter.

4. When You Wake Up Confused After A Nap

The darker days mean that falling asleep, and taking longer naps, is more likely than ever. There's no shame in this, though be prepared to wake up confused and completely forget what day it is. Bring on summer, seriously!

5. When You Don't Understand Why Other People Like Winter

I don't know about you, but I'm never prepared for the bad weather when it comes. Every year, I berate the freezing temperatures, and my lack of adequate clothing. There's no rule that says you have to enjoy the season, and it's fine to be unprepared when winter hits.

6. When Kissing In The Rain Seemed Romantic At The Time

In the movies, kisses in the rain are always perfect. But in reality, they're freezing, uncomfortable, and unless you have a change of clothes to hand, really inconvenient.

7. When Dealing With The Winter Months Feels Like A Chore

Traveling around can be more difficult, not to mention the way in which snow boots weigh your feet down. With rain, snow, and wind threatening your hair and make-up, winter can be a trying time.

8. When Your Friends Go Into Hibernation

Everyone has less money, especially post-Christmas, and people are more likely to want to stay indoors where it's warm and dry. This may make you feel like a bit of a loner, but don't worry, it's only temporary!

9. When At Least There Are So Many Options Other Than Snow Boots

Aria always has a knack for wearing something which looks impossible to pull off. But who says winter clothes have to be dull? Aria's boots are waterproof, after all, and that's what counts!

BRB, going to hibernate under a blanket now.

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