Cara Delevingne Ditched Makeup, Got Photobombed

If there is one person you want to photobomb your selfie, it's the iconic subject of one of the most famous portraits in history! Sorry, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid! But Cara Delevingne's no makeup selfie was photobombed by the Mona Lisa. And it's her best selfie ever. Yes, you absolutely read that right! The famously goofy model was jokingly flirting with the Mona Lisa and even asked her out on a date while visiting The Louvre. There was no pretense or artifice from Delevingne; she was bare-faced, beautiful, and oh-so-playful while posing with the most well-known work of art in the background.

It also begs the question: Is the Mona Lisa totally enamored by Delevingne's super strong brow game? Perhaps, since her eyebrows are notoriously MIA. A researcher actually concluded that the Mona Lisa's brows and lashes were once present, but were ultimately eroded restorations over time, according to The Telegraph.

Of course, in this instance, Delevingne forced the photobomb! But did you notice how utterly stunning she is without a drop of makeup and with her hair slicked off her face with a headband? The faces of two very famous women from two very different periods in history collided thanks to the miracle of social media and Instagram. If this was Tinder, Delevingne would've swiped right!

Who needs makeup when you are hanging with the always stunning Mona Lisa?

No lipstick, no problem!

It's so refreshing to see Delevingne "as is." So many celebs and fellow models are "on" all of the time, even on their Instas. Delevingne isn't adjusting lighting or prepping a full face of makeup to get cultured and to take in some art! Amen, sister!

Delevingne has been ditching makeup a lot lately and I cannot say I blame her. She puts her skin through the ringer with tons of product and lighting due to her gig. Letting her skin and face breathe when off duty is so the right move.

She loves pushing her hair off her face with a headband or knotted bandana! Brows still on fleek, though!

You know, with all the buzz about Delevingne's Cake clothing line with Kendall Jenner, I am wondering if this flirty sesh with the Mona Lisa will inspire some graphic print tees or tanks. You never know!

Images: Cara Delevingne/Instagram (5)