These '90s Couples Were Stylish AF

Forget the Kimyes, the Tayvins, and the Hendalls of today. None of these celebrity duos can hold a candle to Hollywood's most fashionable couples from the '90s and their impeccable sense of style. These trendsetting — and often coordinating — pairs from the decade that gave the world Nirvana, Clueless, and Friends have influenced how other people dressed in the last few years, from the red carpet to street style. In addition, the term “power couple” is thrown around so much today that it’s easy to forget that there was a time not long ago when being called this way actually meant so much more.

The '90s ushered in an era in Hollywood when stars from different worlds (whether it's film, music, sports, or fashion) formed spectacular unions, which everyone obsessed over — like Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. As one of the most famous couples of the '90s, the Edward Scissorhands co-stars cemented their love with Depp's tattoo on his right shoulder that read "Winona Forever." He famously altered this tattoo to "Wino Forever" after they broke up, but Depp soon found himself in the arms of supermodel Kate Moss (whom he dated for four years).

Depp and Ryder's infamous relationship aside, there were several other '90s couples that had amazing fashion sense, whether it's the minimalist luxe served by Gwyneth and Brad, the old Hollywood glamour of Nicole and Tom, or the grunge legacy inspired by Kurt and Courtney. In honor of these legendary lovers from the '90s, let's take a look back at their iconic fashion moments — made twice as fabulous:

Kate Moss & Johnny Depp

Kevin.Mazur/INACTIVE/WireImage/Getty Images

The supermodel and her A-list beau were the epitome of '90s cool.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Pitt


The Seven co-stars elevated red carpet style with their casually polished looks.

Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise


Cruise was already a movie star, but Kidman became one at the 1997 Oscars with this chartreuse Dior gown by John Galliano.

Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain

Kevin.Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Although they were anti-fashion at the time, the legendary rock duo's influence on style is undeniable.

Winona Ryder & Johnny Depp

Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Wino Forever, you guys.

Cindy Crawford & Richard Gere

KMazur/WireImage/Getty Images

When fashion and Hollywood collide, the result is red carpet perfection.

Victoria & David Beckham


To this day, the Beckhams are considered British fashion royalty.

Jennifer Lopez & Sean Combs

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

J. Lo and Puff Daddy were dating when the Versace gown happened and that's all there is to say.

Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake


Their fashion was more for the concert stage than the runway, but Britney and Justin's matching denim moment remains iconic 15 years later.

Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These two were like an IRL Disney prince and princess on the red carpet.

Claire Danes & Ben Lee

Mark Mainz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The hipster power couple.

Cameron Diaz & Matt Dillon

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Her chic, free-spirited style was the perfect counterpart to his bad boy charm.

Elizabeth Hurley & Hugh Grant


They woke up like this.

Uma Thurman & Ethan Hawke

New York Daily News Archive/New York Daily News/Getty Images

Even when their styles clashed, Thurman and Hawke still managed to make it look good.

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