J.Law's Secrets Are Safe With Elizabeth Banks

Effie Trinket and Katniss Everdeen clearly have a bond for life, because their secrets are going to the grave. In a video to promote her film at the Sundance Film Festival, Little Accidents, Elizabeth Banks says that Jennifer Lawrence's craziest acts on the Hunger Games set are so out-of-this-world that we can't ever know about them. How unfair is that? It's like when you have two friends and they're in on some huge top secret together and won't tell you and you't just dyyyyyying to know because you're obviously super close with Jen and Liz.

When Banks was asked what the craziest thing she'd ever seen Lawrence do on set was, she refused to spill. "I could never repeat the craziest," Banks says. "She'd get in a lot of trouble. We don't give away all of our set secrets." So unfair to keep all the awesomeness to yourself, Elizabeth. Did J. Law hide one of Effie's wigs? Accidentally shoot Philip Seymour Hoffman with an arrow?

Banks was also there to congratulate her when Lawrence was nominated for an Oscar for American Hustle, admitting that it was "pretty cool.

"Yes, I was on [the Mockingjay] set the Thursday she was nominated," Banks says to E! News. "We all kid with her more than anything. A lot of poking fun at her. She can handle it, which is a lovely quality of hers."

And to really just stab us in the heart, Banks basically said that Lawrence is a great drinking partner.

"She is exactly what people hope that she is, which is really fun, easygoing gal you'd want to hang out with. You definitely want to have a beer with her," Banks says.

No kidding, Elizabeth. Well, when's happy hour, ladies? What's on tap? Can I come?

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