Chloe Lukasiak's Recent Dances Prove She's A Star

When Dance Moms premiered in 2011, Chloe Lukasiak quickly became a fan favorite thanks to her incredible talent and her sweet, humble disposition. Unfortunately, she was chronically under-appreciated and verbally berated by Abby Lee Miller and Chloe left the show at the end of Season 4. But, it turns out that Dance Moms was only the beginning of an amazing career — she joined Studio 19 Dance Complex and Chloe Lukasiak's recent dance routines prove that she's a true star who is improving every day.

Her talent hasn't gone unrecognized. Over the summer, Chloe won the Teen Choice Award for "Choice Dancer" and the Industry Dance Award for "Favorite Dancer 17 & Under." She recently finished filming Center Stage: Dance Camp alongside ballet legends Sascha Radetsky and Ethan Stiefel. Being cast in the film was a dream come true for Chloe, who expressed during her time on Dance Moms that she hoped to someday be in a dance movie like Center Stage. Like many of her fans, I can't wait to see Chloe's dance numbers when Dance Camp premieres later this year — because, as these eight amazing dance routines show, she's a stronger performer than ever:

1. "Thick Skin" Solo

This recent solo showcases Chloe's beautiful turns, leaps, and extensions. The "thick skin" theme emphasizes Chloe's message to fans that no one should ever give up on a dream just because someone has told them they aren't good enough.

2. "Almost Lover" Solo

In a July interview with Bustle, Chloe said "Almost Lover" is her favorite recent solo. The choreography suits her style beautifully and her turns are flawless.

3. "Skyscraper" Solo

Chloe shared this solo on her YouTube channel in November 2014, shortly after her final episode of Dance Moms aired. She included this important message: "I now understand that no one can hold me down. I am stronger than I have ever been and I am ready to soar." And, Chloe has certainly soared since then.

4. Recent Meet & Greet

It's great to see Chloe dancing with so much confidence and happiness.

5. "Hey Daddy" Solo

We all know and love Christi, but Chloe's tribute to her dad is lovely. Plus, this routine proves that Chloe would be right at home in any Broadway show.

6. "Fiesta" Group Dance

Chloe is now a proud member of Studio 19 Dance Complex, and she shared this fun, high-energy group dance with her new teammates. It's no surprise that the team brought home a first place trophy at VIP Dance Nationals in July.

7. "Alice" Music Video

Chloe teamed up with Bianca Ryan for her "Alice" music video and the result was perfection.

8. "Earned It" Solo

I don't know how she does it, but Chloe manages to look both graceful and fierce at the same time. "Earned It" is an appropriate title for a Chloe solo, because she has worked so hard as a dancer — and it's so wonderful to see that her determination and passion have paid off.

I can't wait to see what's next for Chloe — her stint on Dance Moms was merely the beginning of an amazing and exciting career.